As spring moves into summer, the wattle is replaced by bottle brush

Bottle brush - summer's comingAah, back on the farm. A bit late, but we’re here.

Usually we come down on Friday night after work, but Doc had the 7 year old for a sleepover. By the time he went to his mother’s and we packed up, it was almost lunch time before we left, so we didn’t arrive until around 3.30pm.

It was nice to drive in during the day and check the changes in the scenery. As spring moves into summer the wattle is replaced by the bright red bottle brush. It’s enough to make even the Hume Highway look good.


Lush green grass on the farm

Last time we were here the track through the farm was very wet and muddy. So muddy we wouldn’t have got through if we hadn’t had the Cruiser. This time it was dry, and all the churned up mud in the track had turned into hard ruts which bounced us around all over the car.

And it was green – very green.  The paddocks were lush, and the water level in the river and the dam was up. The grass that was just beginning to sprout last time was now up to our knees, which of course meant mowing.

The big mower started first time, but unfortunately conked out half way through the job. Being a mechanic and a bloke, Doc decided to try to fix it rather than get another mower out. Needless to say, the grass didn’t get finished.  He’s decided that the next purchase for the farm will be a ride on mower, because the four other mowers we have down there are not enough.

Peace and serenityBy then, with all the unpacking done and the grass half mown, it was time to sit down with a drink and enjoy the peace and serenity. It was so peaceful that we decided to have a nap before dinner. It must have been supremely peaceful (nothing to do with age I’m sure- bite your tongue!), because we didn’t wake up again until just before dawn.

Just in time for me to get up and watch the sunrise. Well worth the early night. And now we have the whole day stretched out in front of us to do with as we please.




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