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Nov 30 2017

So I hired a Jeep

It must be one of the most effective marketing campaigns ever. “So you bought a Jeep”. I didn’t buy one, but I did hire one. To be completely accurate, I hired a small 4WD to get us around Kakadu and that’s what I got. A Jeep Wrangler. Even the hire companies have succumbed! My Vitara …

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Nov 21 2017

Do you need a 4WD to visit Kakadu?

You don’t need a 4WD to visit most of the sights in Kakadu, but when you have a 4WD vehicle, you obviously have to use it. Not just for the 4WDing, but because you’ll see something that most people don’t get to. The major roads through the park are tar, so a 2WD vehicle will …

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Nov 13 2017

Bird season in Kakadu

“Don’t go to Kakadu go to Litchfield, it’s much nicer.” The number of times I have heard a variation of that sentiment is astounding. As if a) you can’t go to both places, and b) they’re even comparable. Both places are beautiful, but they are completely different. Litchfield has waterfalls and swimming holes. Kakadu has …

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Nov 04 2017

Swimming with crocodiles in Kakadu

When you travel in northern Australia, the first and most important thing to remember is DO NOT SWIM. This is croc country. Crocs are found in water everywhere – rivers, creeks, billabongs, even the ocean. Contrary to commonly held belief, it is not humans at the top of the food chain – it is crocs. …

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Oct 11 2017

Product review – fridge, drawers, and more

Now that I’m home, it’s time to review how everything handled while I was away. Remember – this is my experience of the products I used, and yours might be different. I am not sponsored by any of these companies, and none of them have paid me anything, although Doc works for free (for me …

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Aug 07 2017

The twist in the tale – or should that be tail?

Remember that ‘clunk’ I heard on the top of a sand dune back in the Simpson? Well, I know what it was. I also learned (again – maybe I don’t learn), not to take anything for granted. Something about counting chickens?

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Aug 02 2017

Australia’s best outback experience – and best kept secret

What do you do when you’ve just spent 6 days in the Simpson Desert on your own, and driven over every one of those 600 million sand dunes by yourself? If you’re in Birdsville you go straight to the pub of course. For a celebratory glass of bubbly. A shower can wait for another hour …

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Jul 27 2017

Simpson Desert, part 6

Day 6. 473k into the desert Wanting to savour the morning I woke early and sat up in the swag, watching the sky lightening and listening to the birds greeting the day. The number and variety of birds out here is amazing. And gorgeous song birds. The mornings really are the best time of day …

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Jul 26 2017

Simpson Desert, part 5

Day 5. 337k into the desert I’ve probably only got a couple more days in the desert so decided to make the most of this one and took my time this morning. I still got up just before sunrise, but I took more time to pack up and enjoy my morning coffee. And I went …

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Jul 25 2017

The Simpson Desert, part 4

Day 4.  286k into the desert No near roll overs, no having to dig myself out of a hole today. All in all, a good day. The problem with getting on the road early is that I’m heading east – straight into the rising sun. While the sand is harder, it’s more difficult to see …

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