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Living together and the art of compromise … or not

It’s 3am and I’m sitting up in bed with my computer. I can’t sleep. I’m back in my old house, the kids are out and everything’s quiet. It’s just me and Gypsy, the cat, who’s curled up on the bottom of my bed. Things are as they used to be – it’s almost like having …

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If you’re happy and you know it … nobody cares.

OK, here comes a rant. Why is it that unhappiness is so interesting? Tolstoy once said “Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Maybe it’s that difference that we find interesting, because it seems that the angrier, or unhappier bloggers are, the more people want to read them.

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Water, water everywhere

NSW has gone from drought to flood in a very short time. Nothing demonstrates that quite so well as watching the water levels change in rivers, lakes and dams.  Have a look at the photos below to see what I mean. They don’t look it, but they are 2 sets of the same view, taken …

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Wicked step mother

OMFG. I just realised I’m going to be a step-mother!! At least I think I am. If I move in with my partner and his 16 year old son does that make me a step mother? Is it compulsory? Can’t I continue to be just “Dad’s girlfriend”???

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Moving house

I’m moving out of home. Again. The first time I moved out it was away from my parents. Now I’m moving away from my children.

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(Almost) empty nest

I’m not feeling very ‘hammocky’ today. My baby left for an extended holiday in England and Europe yesterday. Now, when I say “baby”, I don’t mean it literally, she’s 22 and it’s not the first time she’s flown the coup. But it is the first time she’s gone so far, for so long. Being the …

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