Beaches, hibiscus and fish & chips

The beachWe came for three days, and five days later we’re still here.

Wouldn’t you if you could?

Five days of perfect weather in a beach side location. Who wouldn’t extend their holiday.

Like most Aussies I love the beach. When I was a kid I lived in Sydney’s western suburbs, so our annual beach holiday was a big thing, as was any day trip to the beach. When I had my own kids I moved near the beach, so they grew up there. For all who think that you get used to it and start taking it for granted – no, you don’t. Being able to walk to the beach and living a beach lifestyle is always magical.

Sawtell-flowers-(2)“The beach” is more than a place, and whenever you think of the beach there are a few other things that come to mind.

Fish & chips, a pub, and tropical flowers. Of course, not all beaches are tropical, nor are all flowers that grow there, but it always seems like they are.

So here are a few of the flowers in gardens in Sawtell, by the beach.

The most amazing, deep pink frangipanis that I’ve only ever seen otherwise in the tropics, red hibiscus, and lots of mauve and purple.

But I’m still to have chips. That might be dinner tonight.

Sawtell flowers


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