Can you find your soul mate on the internet?

June-2012aHave you ever tried internet dating?

I ask because every time I turn on the television it seems I’m bombarded with ads for a certain company that promises to match you up with your soul mate.  Apart from the obvious question of how they would be able to come up with a computer program that could find such a person, what happens if your soul mate isn’t signed up to the same company????

Are there really that many people out there desperate to meet that ‘somebody special’, who can’t meet them any other way? Or do we just expect too much from our partners or potential partners, and demand that instant ‘click’ with somebody we meet?

So many of the couples on the ads wax lyrical about their new partner because “he/she is my best friend.”

I might be in the minority here, but I really don’t want to sleep with my best friend. As a matter of fact, my best friend is the person I talk with about the person I’m sleeping with!!!

If I’d depended on internet dating I’d never have met Doc. I can’t imagine two people less likely to be matched up via a computer program, no matter how ‘in-depth’ the questions. As an eastern beaches Sydney girl who lived by the beach and went to another beach for holidays I really don’t think I’d ever have asked to meet a huntin’, fishin’, shootin’ country-at-heart bloke!

Even now after he’s introduced me to outback travel and camping I still have to take real glasses to drink my wine from, and he still eats his breakfast cereal out of a plastic bowl even when we’re at home.

Yet, it works.  We fit together like a nut and bolt – sometimes it’s a bit squeaky and sometimes it gets cross threaded, but on the whole it’s pretty good.

Maybe it’s the pheromones.

In the interests of research I got on-line and signed up to the perennial advertisers. As somebody trained in writing and analysing questionnaires, the problems struck me straight away. Questions like how important is your partner’s age to you, or their physical attractiveness. Well, very important, I don’t want to go out with anybody young enough to be my child! Unfortunately they never asked what it was about age and attractiveness that’s important to me, so they made some assumptions.  All my ‘matches’ were within 1-5 years older than me – the age other research says is ideal. Problem is, I can’t remember the last time I went out with somebody older than me. And yes – Doc’s a few years younger, though don’t tell him I admitted it!

So I’m interested to find out what you think. Have you ever tried internet dating or do you know somebody who has? How was it? And if you do have a partner you met the old fashioned way would you ever have been matched up by a computer program?


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