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Mar 20 2014

It’s coming up to festival time in Outback Queensland

There are a lot of festivals coming up in outback Queensland. So many that it’s just impossible to get to them all, so I’ve been picking out the ones I want to go to. Planning for my solo outback trip is underway, and I’m speaking with somebody about sponsoring at least part of the trip. …

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Nov 21 2013

We’re going on an adventure

“I love our adventures” I say to Doc when we’re travelling. Usually this means “We’re lost”, but that’s how we have our best adventures. We have a philosophy when we travel – be prepared, but don’t over plan. That means being flexible enough to take a detour on a whim, but prepared enough in case …

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Oct 16 2013

Sunset and champagne

When talking about the most photographed icons in the world, sunset is rarely mentioned. Yet I think there are more photos of and more blogs dedicated to sunsets than to anything else anywhere. Whether watching it with the love of your life, with friends, or alone, a sunset needs nothing more than a glass of …

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Jul 09 2013

Saving the best until last

I was going to do the lazy thing today and republish my previous blog on Eulo. But I had such a good experience here again that it warrants another story of its own. Eulo is now one of the places on the Natural Sciences trek through south-western Queensland. That takes in places that are somehow …

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Jul 07 2013

Oops – always double check your camera settings!

There’s always one day when you leave your camera on the wrong setting, and today was that day. We were travelling along the back road from Winton to Jundah. Doc and I came this way on our trip to the Cape and we loved it, so it was a bit of a trip down memory …

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Jul 02 2013

We’re off to the rodeo, I think

The first thing I noticed about a country rodeo was that everybody tucks their shirts into their jeans, and wears belts. Even teenage boys have their jeans up on their hips rather than around their knees. You can’t see anybody’s underpants. And everybody does wear jeans, with proper shirts, belts and boots. I looked decidedly …

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Jun 27 2013

Julia Creek – home of the Dirt n Dust … and crays

Doc and I passed through Julia Creek on our way back from the Cape a couple of years ago. We stopped for lunch at the pub, picked up some groceries, had a look through the information centre and continued on our way to Winton. Doc remembers it as the place where I tasted the bore …

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Jun 25 2013

Alice Springs to Mount Isa

Mt Isa. What can I say? Broken Hill it aint. After 15 hours in the mining town in western Queensland I was ready to leave again, and not just because the Wallabies lost to the British & Irish Lions and I was watching at the Irish Club.

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May 30 2013

Getting into trouble … or just another adventure

We had our first trouble yesterday. About 140k into the 400km from Winton to Boulia the car started to lose power. “Uh, oh” I thought “We could be in trouble”

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May 27 2013

Blackall, the Heartland Festival in the heart of southern outback Queensland

Blackall – despite warnings on the way up we had a fabulous time. The Blackall Heartland Festival is quite unlike other outback festivals. There isn’t a horse, cow, sheep or camel in sight. Except for the horse that Stewart rides to the camping area every afternoon that is. Over the three main days of the …

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