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May 27 2013

Blackall, the Heartland Festival in the heart of southern outback Queensland

Blackall – despite warnings on the way up we had a fabulous time. The Blackall Heartland Festival is quite unlike other outback festivals. There isn’t a horse, cow, sheep or camel in sight. Except for the horse that Stewart rides to the camping area every afternoon that is. Over the three main days of the …

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May 25 2013

Sometimes I wish I had a 4WD!

I woke up this morning with trepidation. It was bad enough coming in to the hut over the slippery mud track last night, but then it rained all night. What was it going to be like going out?

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May 24 2013

Camping finally … sort of

Finally, we’re camping. Sort of. We’re in the sleeping bags on our bedrolls, but we’re sleeping in a hut. And we’ve got a campfire, so I guess that makes it officially camping.

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May 24 2013

Travelling with the Taj Mahal of toilets

I’ve told you about the Lovedale Long Lunch, now let me go back to the beginning … In the beginning there was … a toilet.

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