Christmas shopping horror stories

Christmas is over, turkey is cooked and eaten, families are visited and – importantly – presents have been given out and opened, for better or worse.

And Doc came through with flying colours, as I knew he would.

He got me exactly what I wanted, with absolutely no prompting from me – no lists, no hints, nothing. I am so happy!!!

And he did it his way. He went shopping on line (photography gear), and in auto shops (car seat covers), successfully avoiding the worst part of Christmas – shopping in crowded malls!

As you do during the lead up and at Christmas dinner we all told our “Christmas Shopping Horror Stories”. My oldest daughter won, beating the field by a long distance.

It happened in the toy department of a major retailer (why does it always happen there?), two days before Christmas (again – leaving it to the last minute increases everybody’s angst and shortens tempers). She picked up the last transformer in the place when a pram was launched at her, closely followed by a very harrowed looking woman “That’s mine” the woman said. “I don’t think so” replied my daughter “I got it first.”

Next thing, a handbag came swinging across my daughter’s shoulders.

“I need it, and I have a pram so I take priority” said the woman with what I’m sure she thought was impeccable logic.

My daughter was shocked, but not shocked enough to let go of the transformer. “You want to make something of this?” she asked as she put down her bag (but, again, not the transformer) and starting to take off her jacket. Having her arms pinned by her own jacket made it difficult to duck as the handbag came swinging again.

Security guards came running to break it up. Why does Christmas shopping bring out the worst in people? Especially shopping for children?

Anyway, my daughter prevailed. She may have been battered and bruised by the swinging handbag, but she kept the transformer and her 6 year old nephew was very happy.

My son also avoided shopping malls, buying most of his presents from Vinnies and the Salvos. He not only saved money but he gave people some great presents that he’d really thought about. And he contributed to charity and the environment by recycling other people’s unwanted goods – a win for everybody.

So fellas, never again will we believe you don’t like shopping or can’t buy presents. And maybe women could even pick up a few shopping tips from you. Principally get out of malls and away from the crowds.

After all, Christmas should be fun, including Christmas shopping.



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