Day 1

20160726_080212Day 1 – 735k

Wollongong to Cobar

Along with antibiotics and pain killers for the front tooth I had removed yesterday, and unable to talk properly because of the brand new plate in my mouth.

A good start to the trip!

Keeping with Doc’s and my usual practice, things were still being done at the last minute.

A week or so ago Doc discovered a water leak through a bolt in the front of the engine. He fixed it, but then on the night before I was due to leave he decided it hadn’t been fixed properly. So he pulled it all apart, resealed the bolt, and put it all back together.

A week or so ago I went to the dentist about a crown that had fallen out in the front of my mouth. Unfortunately for me, it hadn’t just fallen out, it had broken off right at the gum. That meant there was no post to reattach it. The prognosis was either an implant (cost around $4,500 hahahahaha), or a plate. As the plate could be made within a week, and was much cheaper, I took that option. Hence the dentist visit the day before I left, where he had to pull out the root of the tooth before putting the plate in. I’m sure the pain will stop soon.

Totally against Doc’s and my usual practice, I got away on time, but then I stopped in Bathurst for a coffee with a girlfriend, and stayed for lunch.

To make up that time, the rest of the day was just driving. And more driving, and even more driving. 735k worth of driving.

But it was worth it. I am now officially in the outback. As there were no stops to take photos yesterday (except for a quick snap of my first outback sunset, at Nyngan), here’s a link to photos of Cobar taken on a previous trip. It’s a very pretty town, well worth a visit, and well worth just looking at the photos


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