Discovering Lake Illawarra’s secret places

Sleepy catI’ve been getting lazy lately.  Actually – lazy is my natural state. I think I was a cat in another life. Given the option I could easily sit around all day, chasing the sun, eating chocolate and drinking champagne.

OK, I know cats don’t eat chocolate and drink champagne, but they do like the good things in life. Ask any cat owner who’s bought their cat cheap cat food.

But even cats get some exercise, and I haven’t been lately. So I decided that I’d get up every morning (good start), and go for a walk. And not just to the coffee machine.

It’s been two days so far and already I’m extending myself. I decided to combine going for a walk with taking photos. After all, that’s what a photographer does.

So this morning, on my walk by Lake Illawarra I took some photos.

Jetty-2Lake Illawarra? Isn’t that Wollongong?? Who’d go to Wollongong???

You’d be surprised. Wollongong has changed somewhat since Aunty Jack sang about it.

Lake Illawarra is the second largest salt lake in NSW, and if it wasn’t in Wollongong it would probably get much more attention. But it is, so it doesn’t, and that makes it even better. With 35km of shoreline and few people, a walk around the lake (or around part of it, let’s not push this exercise thing too far) is always good. If you’re really keen you can do the 40km ride around the lake every mother’s day to raise money for youth services in the Illawarra.

ContemplationThis morning I discovered a “place of healing” near Hooka Point. Doc has lived in Wollongong for 13 years or so and had no idea it was there. It’s a lovely spot to sit by the lake in quiet contemplation, as long as you don’t go on a sports day. It’s just behind a major sportsfield.

One of the best things about Lake Illawarra is the bird life. I think it must have the largest pelican population in Australia, as well as swans, shags, and lots of other birds I haven’t identified. Next time I’ll have to take my bird book as well as my camera.


So here are the photos I took this morning of Lake Illawarra, while the cat stayed home in bed.

Lake Illawarra


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