East MacDonnell Ranges – Photogallery 1

A new view around every curveWe’ve made it to Alice Springs, after 5 days travelling through the East MacDonnell Ranges, out of telephone and internet access. Time to just relax and enjoy the scenery. And enjoy it we did.

The east MacDonnell Ranges is a beautiful place. With few tourists it is very peaceful and you can always find somewhere quiet to sit and contemplate the scenery.  Our only problem has been the weather – heavy cloud cover means no spectacular sunrises or sunsets, but when the sun is out you get a glow on the rocks. That is except for our last night there.

Driving through it seems as if every time you come around a curve or over a crest you are greeted with ever more beautiful scenery. And the walks are even better, allowing you to get up close and see the detail as well as the panorama.

Recent rains have bought out a mass of wildflowers. Though being typical Australian wildflowers and very understated you sometimes have to look closely.

As a picture tells 1,000 words – I’ll leave the rest of this blog to the photos. Please forgive the excessive number of photos, but it’s my first trip and it’s just so beautiful. I’ll cut these down to the best photos when I get back and have access to my big computer screen, but in the meantime, as there are so many I’ll put them up in a couple of blogs to make for easier viewing.

East MacDonnell Ranges 1


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