Exploring the Tip – photos of the northernmost point of Australia

There’s a lot to see at the northernmost point of Australia – if you can find it. Tourism on Cape York is not very well developed. That’s both a positive (few people) and a negative (it’s hard to find things). A few signposts wouldn’t go astray!

Cape York is rugged country, with thick rainforest and lots of raging rivers and swollen creeks even in the dry season.¬† And the rainforest is reclaiming much of the non-indigenous history of the area¬† from the earliest explorers, though attempts to set up colonial administration in the area, WWII relics, and pastoral stations. In some instances they’ve disappeared completely.

Indigenous history and culture is even harder to find, perhaps deliberately. This is a shame because the indigenous culture on the Cape is different to that in the rest of Australia. Close proximity to the Torres Strait and New Guinea have imbued the place with much more of an islander feel.

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