High tea, champagne, jewelry and a didgeridoo

The Outdoorsy One and I went to high tea today at the Museum of Sydney.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Sunday lunch – somehow life seems to keep getting in the way. Too often, after working all week then doing housework on Saturday, by Sunday I just want to relax and maybe catch up on some photographic work.

So today it was very pleasant to get out and spend some quality time with my oldest child.

The Outdoorsy One subscribes to one of those “great deals” sites.  Both my daughters have inherited my shopping gene, but fortunately neither of them has a credit card! Anyway, occasionally the Outdoorsy One will send me one of her ‘great deals’ offers, which she thinks we might enjoy doing together. And great deals they are – for her at least. Sending them to me is her way of saying “I want to do this, you pay for it and you can come along”.

So of course, like a mother, I pay for it, and we do it together. This is our second high tea. The first was at the Victoria Rooms at Kings Cross, and today it was at MoS Café. What can one say about High Tea? Cucumber sandwiches, little cakey things, and champagne. And tea of course!

The food was very nice and the service was excellent. Unfortunately the atmosphere just wasn’t quite there. Perhaps it was because we sat inside at formica tables, too close to the people next to us, with a décor of “Museum Café”. Perhaps it would have even have been equally as difficult to get the right atmosphere even if we sat outside in the windswept courtyard overshadowed by high rise buildings.

Still, we had a lovely time, as we always do. We had some sandwiches with tea and champagne, then some cakey things with tea and champagne, then a little bit more tea and a little bit more champagne, talked, laughed and took our time.

Unlike the couple who came in and sat down next to us. We were on glass of champagne number two when they arrived. We were on glass number three when they had finished all of their two sandwiches, four scones, four mini quiches, six little cakey things, two chocolate strawberries and two teacups with crème brulee and fairy floss and were ready to leave.

As we were in the city, and as the Rocks Markets were on, and as we both love shopping, of course we had to walk around to the markets. Not that it influenced our decision at all, but one of my favourite jewelry designers – Nikki Stevens and she’s not paying me to say this – has a stall at the Rocks. She is fabulous, as are her designs. As of Sunday I’m the proud owner of three of her pieces, (yes Doc, I lied. I really did buy another necklace) including the Ice Queen. You have to love somebody who names their necklaces!

If you’re after something unique (that’s truly unique as opposed to a little bit unique – or common as muck), then Nikki’s your gal. (Do I get a free piece now Nikki??)

I do love Sydney. Especially on a sunny Sunday. We wondered around the markets and the Quay, watching people, listening to buskers, and enjoying the winter sunshine. Another plug coming up – you really should check out Animistix – amazing, rocking, didgeridoo. It made me want to get back up to the territory or north Queensland (aka Far NQ).

Sydney really is a beautiful city, but I’m not the slightest bit sorry I’ve moved away. It’s lovely to visit, but I am glad to be back in the provinces where life is more relaxed.



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