How to ruin a holiday – get stuck in the airport

More things that can fly - not the Outdoorsy One

More things that can fly – not the Outdoorsy One

I have two children overseas at the moment.

My son is in Cambodia somewhere (I think), and the Outdoorsy one is in Hong Kong. I know that’s definitely where she is because she can’t get home!

Their father works for Qantas, so they get discounted flights. But, of course, that means they travel on standby and take their chances whether or not they get on a flight.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to change my flights (which I have to pay full fare for – we separated just before he got the Qantas job – lousy timing!), because I couldn’t get three kids onto the flight with me, and they were too young to split up. Seemingly endless hours were spent in airports desperately trying to keep 3 kids amused and not bothering other travellers! It’s probably the major reason the only places I ever went when they were very young was to see family. At least we had somewhere to go when we couldn’t get on a plane home.

This time the Outdoorsy One has been on holidays with her boyfriend. They were due to fly home the night before last, but their flight was full so she couldn’t get on.

They should have expected this travelling at the end of school holidays, but, with the invincibility of youth she was convinced she’d be ok. After all she’s travelled before with no problems. I guess that means I was successful in keeping them amused in airports when they were younger and she’s forgotten how many hours she’s spent there. Though how she can forget me begging, pleading or just demanding that we get on a plane I don’t know!

So two nights ago her boyfriend came home without her. And she was told to come back to the airport the next night to try for that flight.

Hong Kong airport - not many confortable places to sit when you're there fore 24 hours

Hong Kong airport – not many confortable places to sit when you’re there fore 24 hours

Guess what – that one was full too. As was the one after that. And the flight to Brisbane. And every flight for the next four days.

Why is it that no matter how old they get, or no matter where they are, they want their mummy when something goes wrong?

3am I finally got to bed, then had to wake up at 5.30 to call her father before he went to work to see if he could sort something out for her. Then there were more phone calls back and forth trying to find a way for her to get home.

She’s still at the airport, and listed for the next three flights to Australia. I might go and have a nanna nap just in case!

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