It’s not a photo session without macro photography

Spider-web---The-Farm-June-2012It wouldn’t be a photo session without some macro photography.

One of the things I love about photos at the farm is the fences. Not only are they great in long shots, but there are always opportunities for amazing close ups. Spiders particularly love the barbed wire on the top fence wire, and use it to build their webs.

Last winter I got an amazing photo of a spider web hanging off the barbed wire, with the morning sun gleaming on the dew and frost on the web. Wherever I show it, it’s a favourite. That’s it on the left.

This time, with all the morning fog there wasn’t a lot of sun to shine off or through the webs, but there was a lot of dew. Tiny droplets on small webs, as well as on the blades of grass.

I love macro photography.

Here’s this week’s selection – barbed wire fences with a few grass shots thrown in.


Barbed wire


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