Kangaroos drinking at the Darling River, Menindee

DSC_0539 (1024x680)Now that everybody is back at work after Easter, and probably stressing out, here’s a calming video for you.

I took this at what was the most amazing campsite I think I’ve ever stayed at – in the Kinchega National Park on the Darling River at Menindee Lake.

All of this was happening right in front of our campsite. The mob of kangaroos came down for a drink. They kept looking at me filming them, then obviously decided I wasn’t a threat, but something in the bush kept startling them. This went on for about half an hour and I was amazed by how much they do drink. I was expecting them to start growing humps on their backs they drank that much! As there was plenty of water in the area they weren’t preparing for a drought, so perhaps they drink this much every day.

Just after I finished filming this – and when the light was too low to film any more – a large boar came down to drink as well. The kangaroos didn’t move.

The next morning when I came out of my tent there were three fox cubs playing on the beach right in front of me. When I walked out they stopped and looked at me, then went right back to playing. I know they’re pests, but they were beautiful!


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