Logans Creek the longest crossing on the Old Tele Track

The creek crossings on the Old Tele Track can instill fear in even the most experienced 4wd’ers. With good reason.

Palm Creek, at the beginning of the southern end of the track, and Nolans Creek at the end of theĀ  Northern end, bookmark a great 4wd’ing adventure. Both have well deserved reputations. When we did the track in August 2011, Nolans had claimed upwards of 80 vehicles, so it’s not something to be undertaken lightly. Many people turn off and take the by-pass road just after Sam Creek – because they don’t think they’ll be able to do Nolans.

But, despite it’s reputation, Nolans wasn’t the most difficult crossing. This prize went to Logans, the creek just before Nolans. While on the Track we’d heard a lot about Nolans, but nobody mentioned Logans. It’s not even named on the map! But it’s long, deep, and very soft. It’s where we rescued a couple who were bogged up to their doors in thick, deep mud.

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