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Road tripI’m going on a road trip!

Doc’s just started a new job (business), so he’s very busy this year. We’re already planning a trip away to the Cape in June, and he can’t take any more time off. So I’m going away with a girlfriend.

I’ve always wanted to go to Broken Hill, and somehow Doc and I never seem to get there.  And I want to find out more about my grandmother’s past, so I’m combining the two – well, if we get that far.

I want to stay “off the beaten track”, and stop along the way wherever takes our fancy. We only have just over 2 weeks, and given that I like to stop a lot to take photos and wander around, we’ll be pressed for time.

You’re probably already seeing why Doc organises our trips – if I was in charge it would take us forever to get anywhere!

My grandmother was born in Mt Hope. That’s a tiny place about 200 km south of Cobar. She also spent some time in Nymagee before the family moved to Cobar.

My girlfriend is also from the country, and spent some of her teenage years in Gilgandra, so we’re going there for a look as well.

So far, the round trip looks like :

Sydney – Orange (for lunch at a winery, we may as well have luxury while we can get it) – Dubbo (I have family I’d like to stop and see).

Cobar railway stationFrom Dubbo we’ll go to Gilgandra, then to Warren, Nyngan and Cobar.

We’ll spend a couple of nights in Cobar with my family, and gathering information for the rest of the trip. The tourist information centre and museum in Cobar is fabulous. If you need to know anything about that part of the world, that’s the place to find it.

From Cobar it’s off to Wilcannia and Broken Hill, then down to Menindee Lakes.

Outback NSWWe’ll head back via Ivanhoe, Booligal (but not Hay or Hell), and Hillston.

Then it’s up the Kidman Way to Mount Hope (population 11) and across to Nymagee

Then it’s back down to Condobolin (and maybe catch a glimpse of Overflow Station), and along the Lachlan to Forbes.

After that I’m not sure, but I don’t think we’ll have much time left so probably straight home again. Whether we even make it that far will depend on how many stops we make on the way.

It’s a packed itinerary so we mightn’t get it all in. But wherever we roam I’m sure it will be fabulous, with many wonderful photos and blogs.

And perhaps even a book coming up.

If anybody knows anything about that part of NSW and has suggestions for stops, please let me know. I love an adventure!

Kangaroo - NSW

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    • Rosanna on January 17, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    David grew up in Dubbo and has cousins in Gilgandra. I will ask him for some suggestions for your trip.

    1. Thanks Rosanna, I appreciate it

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