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May 07 2014

Women can travel alone in outback Australia

Find-yourself-in-an-ancient-landI’ve had my solo outback trip accepted for crowdfunding on Trevolta.com

I’m so excited.

In case you don’t know, crowdfunding is where individuals or businesses donate to your project – in this case my solo trip outback. Sometimes they get something in exchange (see my ‘rewards’), and sometimes they do it just because they think it’s a worthwhile project.

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May 03 2014

Australia, a land of extremes

DroughtAustralia really is a land of extremes, and vicious weather cycles. Of drought and flooding rain is right.

I notice this much more since I’ve been going to the farm, where weather cycles can make or break people. Nowhere is it better demonstrated than these photos taken in January then again in April this year.

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May 02 2014

Discovering Lake Illawarra’s secret places

Sleepy catI’ve been getting lazy lately.  Actually – lazy is my natural state. I think I was a cat in another life. Given the option I could easily sit around all day, chasing the sun, eating chocolate and drinking champagne.

OK, I know cats don’t eat chocolate and drink champagne, but they do like the good things in life. Ask any cat owner who’s bought their cat cheap cat food.

But even cats get some exercise, and I haven’t been lately. So I decided that I’d get up every morning (good start), and go for a walk. And not just to the coffee machine.

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Apr 28 2014

From drought to flooding rain

Track-inOne of the things I love about going to the farm is seeing how much it changes over time.

When I was there in January we were in drought, but since then there has been rain. Beautiful, nourishing rain. The farm is the greenest I have ever seen, the greenest Doc has ever seen and he’s seen it over more than 10 years.

These photos have not been doctored at all, they are as shot, and they’re a good representation of what it really looks like.

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Apr 20 2014

The 60 series got bogged!

Logans Creek - 60 to the rescue“60! 60!”

If you watch our Old Tele Track video you’ll hear Doc say that in celebration a number of times. Along with “60 to the rescue.”

He loves his 60 series, with good reason. It’s taken him across Australia, through the Simpson, along the Canning, up the Old Tele Track and to lots of other places. It’s pulled others out of holes – mud, sand, water – and continued chugging along.

So when we got bogged coming into the farm the other night Doc wasn’t very happy.

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Apr 19 2014

Life’s an adventure

It's a long way to walkLife’s always an adventure with Doc, and even a simple trip to the farm isn’t exempt.

It’s a long weekend, so of course it’s the perfect opportunity for a trip to the farm, with all the boys. Even though they’ve done this thousands of times, planning the trip required phone calls back and forth. First Juzza would call Doc. Then Ado would. Then Juzza would call Ado, then Ado would call Doc again. Then of course Doc would have to call Juzza, and so on and so forth. Back and forth it went. Plans were made, timetables set. It took on all the precision of the search for MH370, with exactly the same outcome.

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Apr 17 2014

Where to find good travel information

DSC_0076 (850x1280)How do you find out about a place that you’re visiting?

The obvious place is visitors’/tourist centres, or on line. A number of places even have their own apps giving out information on what’s happening and what to see. Google “Sydney tourist information” and you get 30,200,000 hits.

How helpful is this really?

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Apr 16 2014

Feature photo – Red Sunset


Sunsets in Australia truly are the most beautiful in the world. With our beautiful trees, wide open spaces and endless skies sunsets of all hues are possible. This was taken on our farm in rural NSW, proving that you don’t have to go far out of the city for magnificent scenery.

This is an exclusive offer to buy one of only 300 prints of this photo – framed, signed and with a certificate of authenticity – for only $375.00

Measuring 90cm x 60cm (photo 72 x 42) it is a truly beautiful artwork for anybody’s wall.

Buy it now

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Apr 13 2014

Barossa Valley, Australia’s premier winemaking region?

Grape vines, a famililar site in the Adelaide HillsThe Barossa Valley.  Australia’s premier wine making region right on Adelaide’s door step.

Or is it?

Well, it is on Adelaide’s doorstep, but whether it’s Australia’s premier winemaking region depends on what type of wine you like.

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Apr 11 2014

Sisters out on the champagne trail

Regattas on the TorrensI think it’s a sister thing, the sort of thing you only get with someone you grew up with and know well. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, when you do see each other you pick up again from where you left off last time.

And for me and my sister, that’s with champagne, or sparkling wine at least.

So it’s just as well we were in Adelaide.

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