How dangerous is it for women to travel alone?

Major Mithcell cockatoo perched on a branchI am about to have an enormous adventure, driving around outback South Australia on my own. I am so excited. But you know the two biggest questions I get– “aren’t you scared?” and “isn’t that dangerous?”

Seriously. So much to see, do, and experience, and you think I should concentrate on fear?

No, I haven’t seen Wolf Creek, but yes, I know the story. I’ve even been to Barrow Creek where the Joanna Lees/Peter Falconio incident happened.

Yes, I heard about those two young women who were viciously raped and almost murdered at a deserted beach in South Australia (the same state I am travelling in).

And yes, I have heard about all the people who have died after their cars broke down in the outback.

As a matter of fact, I have probably heard every story about every bad thing that has happened to absolutely everybody in the outback.

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How much does it cost to set up your car to travel in outback Australia

DSC_4131I’ve set a date, and we’re on the countdown. Now we just have to make sure the car is ready to go.

To travel around the outback it is absolutely essential that your car is properly set up for the conditions.  This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but it everything needs to work, and it needs to be comfortable.

I will be doing around 7,000k this trip, and camping most of the way. The car is very small (Suzuki Vitara), meaning everything in the interior has to be well designed to fit in. Continue reading

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Test all your equipment to make sure it works properly

Screwing down the top of the drawersIt is very important that you make sure EVERYTHING works before you start to rely on it. And not just that it works, but that it does what you want it to do.

We’ve been looking at drawer systems for the back of my Vitara.

We’ve done this so often, you’d think we’d know what to do by now.

Doc bought drawers for the Cruiser before we went to the Cape a few years ago, and they were brilliant. They made life so much easier when travelling.

I loved them so much that when I went away in the Triton he custom made drawers for the back, and a shelf to go in place of the back seat for the fridge and other equipment.

Now I have the Vitara, so I need drawers for that as well.

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My first solo outback trip coming up

My suzuki VitaraDrawers for the back of my Suzuki should be delivered next week, I’ve ordered the snorkel, and – most important – the fridge has been serviced.

It’s finally happening – my solo outback trip.

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4WD on Stockton Beach – with gopro

Waves crashing through a rusty shipwreckOK, so yesterday I wrote about all the rubbish on Stockton Beach. But it’s not all rubbish and bad news.

There’s also long stretches of white sand, dunes, sea birds, the deepest blue ocean, a shipwreck, and, bizarrely, houses in the middle of the dunes. The Stockton Beach sand dunes have been used for a few movie sets, so perhaps they’re left over from one or another?

And – it was an opportunity to try out my new gopro.

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Attention 4WDers – DO THE RIGHT THING

View of the beach from the car, with the sand dunes and blue sky in the side mirrorDoc and I went to Port Stephens on the weekend. This was part of my Christmas present from him – a long weekend away with sun, ocean, restaurants and bars, sun, beach, relaxing and more ocean. And 4WDing along the beach of course. Hmm, maybe it wasn’t just my Christmas present?

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