Apr 11 2014

Sisters out on the champagne trail

Regattas on the TorrensI think it’s a sister thing, the sort of thing you only get with someone you grew up with and know well. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, when you do see each other you pick up again from where you left off last time.

And for me and my sister, that’s with champagne, or sparkling wine at least.

So it’s just as well we were in Adelaide.

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Apr 09 2014

Welcome to Adelaide, don’t drink the toilet water

Kathleen 015If you ever see me standing in a queue, don’t line up behind me.

Whenever I get in a queue it immediately stops moving. It happens everywhere – the supermarket check out, the bank, even places where there is only one queue, and – always – airport security.

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Apr 06 2014

Food and wine, and champagne in a new relationship

Plains and boatsI finally bit the bullet and severed my Aussie loyalty to Qantas.

Like any relationship I probably hung in there too long. Long after it was all over on their side. Qantas have been showing unmistakeable signs that they just didn’t want me any more, but like a lot of people in a relationship past its use-by date I chose to ignore them. After all, I’m an Aussie through and through, how could they not want me? Qantas is the Australian airline – we’re made for each other.

But now I’ve booked a ticket to Adelaide on Virgin Australia.

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Apr 01 2014

Australian beaches – the best in the world

My-home-beachIn my enthusiasm for outback Australia, I sometimes forget why I choose to live near the beach.

Of course there are all the usual reasons – sand, sea, surf and sun, which, paradoxically, are the very things some people hate about it.

But it’s more than that. The beach makes me feel good.

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Mar 26 2014

Adventure travel on Cape York’s Old Telegraph Track

The start of the Old Telegraph TrackThis is what Doc and I get up to when we go out on adventures.

This is from our trip to Cape York along the Old Telegraph Track. Palm Creek is the first crossing and probably the most difficult, at least it was when we were there in 2011. It’s only a couple of kilometres onto the track, but that was as far as some people got.

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Mar 25 2014

Raindrops on roses, and fuschias and frangipani

After the rains (5)Contrary to forecasts the rain has stopped. The sun is shining and the garden is awash.

There’s only one thing to do – get out the micro lens.

Stupidly, even though I was taking photos in my own garden – or perhaps because I was taking photos in my own garden – I didn’t cover my legs to stop insect bites.

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Mar 24 2014

What a wonderful world

I’ve been sitting at my computer thinking about what I could write on this rainy Monday morning. We had an amazing lightning show last night and now the garden is looking bright green and washed clean by the rain.

I’ve been trying to write something about how good everything is, then I came across this video on youtube. It says it much more eloquently than I ever could.

Over to you David Attenborough, and Bob Thiele and George Weiss


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Mar 20 2014

It’s coming up to festival time in Outback Queensland

Patterned chaps - riding a bucking broncThere are a lot of festivals coming up in outback Queensland. So many that it’s just impossible to get to them all, so I’ve been picking out the ones I want to go to.

Planning for my solo outback trip is underway, and I’m speaking with somebody about sponsoring at least part of the trip. It’s very early days so I can’t say anything yet, but things are looking positive.

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Mar 13 2014

If the sunrise fails, try the raindrops

Sunrise Culburra BeachWhat is it about being away that makes you do things you don’t do at home? And I don’t mean getting pissed and dancing on the bar in the local pub – I do that at home.

I mean getting up and photographing the sunrise over the beach.

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Mar 10 2014

A very Sydney blog

Sydney-harbour-bridgeWarning! Eastern Sydney wanker blog follows.

I’m packing to go away again. Yay!!!

I’m doing some preliminary work for a shoot coming up on the south coast of NSW, so I’ll be staying in cabins rather than camping.

That means I don’t have to take my bed or kitchen, so you’d think packing would be easier wouldn’t you. Think again.

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