Aug 29 2013

Who is really getting all that social security?

facebook_logo-webThis is a decidedly political blog.

My new year’s wish this year was for a kinder, gentler facebook. I was sick of posts that just fed hatred for particular groups or even individuals.

Unfortunately, during the Australian election it seems to be getting worse.

So I’m going to go out on a limb here – no I don’t think the unemployed are to blame for all the ills of the world and saying “just get a job” or “drug test all welfare recipients” is not only hateful, it’s intellectually lazy.

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Aug 23 2013

Featured photo – Storm coming

Storm-comingThe dramatic backdrop of the gathering stormclouds provides a sense of impending doom to the silhouetted tree branches.

Be quick to take advantage of this exclusive offer to buy one of only 300 prints of this photo – framed, signed, numbered and with a certificate of authenticity – for only $375.00

Measuring 64cm x 86 cm (photo 48 x 72) it is a truly beautiful artwork for anybody’s wall.

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Aug 22 2013

What to pack when camping

Still room for shoes A question I often get asked – perhaps most often – is what do I pack for camping and travelling.

Well, that depends on where I’m going and for how long, but the short answer is as little as possible.

In essence – pack light, and layer.

My last trip was for 8 weeks, and I will admit that I broke my general rule of taking only one small, soft bag for that one, but not by much. I had 2 small, soft bags and neither was packed full.

The key is comfort and versatility.

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Aug 13 2013

Farm life – a weekend in the country, with mud and wattle

The farm - August 2013 (21)We went to the farm this weekend, and even though we made a conscious decision that we weren’t going to do anything except relax, it started off very rushed.

Doc didn’t get home from work until late Friday, so by the time we were packed up (and I got disentangled from the ratchet strap that attacked me and tied itself around my ankles), it was 8.30pm before we left.

We were planning on stopping along the way for some dinner, but after a phone call from our friends who arrived before us we decided we’d better get there as quickly as possible. There had been a lot of rain out that way, and the track in was very muddy. They almost got bogged in a few places. Having been bogged there on more than one occasion Doc didn’t fancy having to spend an hour digging us out in the middle of the night.

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Aug 08 2013

Finke Desert Race 2013

Here it is, the action from the 2013 Finke Desert Race. This was taken from the 112km mark, which is about half way. You can see from the nodding heads that some of the participants were very tired by the time they got that far,. As this is the beginning of the “whoops” (does anybody know why they’re called whoops?) I can only imagine how difficult the rest of it must have been.

This was a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to going back in 2015 for the 40th anniversary of the race.


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Aug 07 2013

Finke Desert Race 2013 – prologue

I’m finally getting around to editing some videos of my last trip. Here’s some action from the Finke Desert Race 2013 prologue. A preview of the real thing – coming tomorrow.


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Aug 06 2013

Are Adelaide waiters becoming as rude as in Sydney?

Wine barrels - a major reason to visit AdelalideI’ve just been in Adelaide for my sister’s birthday. Whenever I’m there we go out to wineries, drinks, festivals and for meals. Normally it’s fantastic, Adelaide does these things very well, but a couple of incidents make me think Adelaide is catching the rude Sydney waiter disease.

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Aug 05 2013

Mexican bean soup

Mexican Bean SoupHere’s my recipe for the Mexican Bean Soup I made on the weekend and tweeted about.

Even though I have a lot of cookbooks I don’t generally use recipes. Rather, I read recipes then make things up as I go along based on the basic ingredients. The quantities in this are not exact but the ingredients are. I promise I haven’t left anything out just so yours won’t taste as good! Well, not deliberately anyway.

Let the soup cook for at least an hour before you decide if it needs more spices, the flavour comes out more as the soup cooks. The slower and longer you cook it the better.

I also don’t cook with salt, so if you like salt add some in.

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Aug 01 2013

Wedding photography

Kathleen Swinbourne Photography Weddings (9)My life isn’t all fun and games just travelling and taking photos. Sometimes it’s also fun and games taking photos of people’s weddings.

With a boutique photographic studio I can design your wedding photography to suit your individual style.

See “Weddings” under “Photography” on the top toolbar or more information and sample photos, or just give me a call on 0412 158 314

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Jul 18 2013

Real camping tips for easy, fun camping

Camping beside Julia CreekI’ve been looking at some camping websites and have been reading some of their tips for camping essentials.

WTF are these people on????

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