Just how adventurous are we? Or how much trouble do we want to get in?

Should I or shouldn't I, that is the question.We’re at Ross River Resort in the East McDonnell Ranges and contemplating a drive down to N’Dhala Gorge tomorrow.

There’s a few “ifs”. IF it doesn’t rain overnight (it’s now cloudy and very cold). And IF I decide that I can get through the first lot of water (already quite deep).

I’ll decide in the morning.

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The smell of the Australian outback

Welcome to the Northern TerritoryPopcorn!

The Northern Territory smells of popcorn.

Driving across the border from Queensland of course we had to get out of the car and take the obligatory photo under the “Welcome to the NT” sign. That the setting sun was behind the sign made it even better. If only there was a brolga flying across! Though it was spoiled a little bit by the “Slayer” graffiti. Oh well, I guess you can’t have everything.

And when we got out of the car we both said “Smell that! Popcorn!”

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Getting into trouble … or just another adventure

Car trouble - all the blokes gathered aroundWe had our first trouble yesterday. About 140k into the 400km from Winton to Boulia the car started to lose power.

“Uh, oh” I thought “We could be in trouble”

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On the road less travelled

When I’m travelling I like driving on smaller roads rather than main highways. The occasional people you see always wave and you get some magnificent sights, particularly the abundance of birds and animals.

Here’s a short video of our drive from Blackall to Longreach via Isisford and Ilfracombe in outback Queensland.



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Blackall, the Heartland Festival in the heart of southern outback Queensland

Blackall Heartland FestivalBlackall – despite warnings on the way up we had a fabulous time.

The Blackall Heartland Festival is quite unlike other outback festivals. There isn’t a horse, cow, sheep or camel in sight. Except for the horse that Stewart rides to the camping area every afternoon that is.

Over the three main days of the festival there’s an art exhibition, a photographic competition, a youth music festival, poetry slam, billy cart races and a barbecue cook-off. There are also local artists and artisans displaying and selling their work.

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Sometimes I wish I had a 4WD!

The track to the hutI woke up this morning with trepidation.

It was bad enough coming in to the hut over the slippery mud track last night, but then it rained all night. What was it going to be like going out?

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