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The twist in the tale – or should that be tail?

Remember that ‘clunk’ I heard on the top of a sand dune back in the Simpson? Well, I know what it was. I also learned (again – maybe I don’t learn), not to take anything for granted. Something about counting chickens?

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Australia’s best outback experience – and best kept secret

What do you do when you’ve just spent 6 days in the Simpson Desert on your own, and driven over every one of those 600 million sand dunes by yourself? If you’re in Birdsville you go straight to the pub of course. For a celebratory glass of bubbly. A shower can wait for another hour …

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Dalhousie Springs, an oasis in the desert

Right on the western edge of the Simpson Desert Dalhousie Springs is either the first or the last point in a Simpson Crossing. And it  was where I was heading from Adelaide to start my desert adventure properly. Straight up the Ooodnadatta Track, past Lake Eyre, and on to the desert. Because of my enforced …

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Adelaide – the world’s best wine regions (and not a bad place to be stranded)

So much for my triumphant setting off to go to the desert. I got as far as Adelaide where I finally conceded. The car is at the mechanic’s getting a new head gasket. Despite (or perhaps because of) driving 1700k in 2 days OK, the problem is getting worse. Water is being pushed out of …

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Getting your car ready for a big trip

I’m starting to think my little Suzuki doesn’t actually like adventures. I was supposed to leave last week for outback South Australia and the Simpson Desert. That is, until something went wrong with my cooling system – the day before I was due to leave. Doc is a mechanic, so he not only gives the …

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Top five places to (re)visit in Australia

One of the best things about going on holidays is thinking about where to go. And while doing that, looking back on where you have been. Should I go somewhere completely new? Or go back to somewhere I really enjoyed before? Parachilna or Woomera? Uluru via Oodnadatta, or the Simpson? Australia is such a vast …

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