Mistakes people make when travelling around Australia

Two city girls in the bushWhat are the biggest mistakes made when travelling around Australia?

I’ve just been reading somebody else’s story about the problems they had when travelling around Australia for a year. The tears were rolling down my cheeks while I was reading. Not at their misfortunes, but because they chose to use Optus as their telecommunications provider! In the outback!!!

I really shouldn’t laugh at anybody else’s mistakes. God knows I’ve made enough of my own, stupid ones at that (yes that’s my tent). Looking around, other people have made some pretty laughable mistakes as well. Continue reading

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Helicopter flight over Nitmiluk

Nitmiluk sitting by our chopperEvery trip should have a luxury component. For this one, it was a weekend away to Nitmiluk with my sister.

For Christmas this year, Doc gave me a night at Cicada Lodge, and a helicopter ride over all 13 gorges ending with a visit to a remote art site and a swim in a private swimming hole. For somebody who insisted he was hopeless at buying presents and needed a list when I met him, he’s certainly come a long way!!

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Top 5 things to do near Darwin in wet season

Litchfield TollmerThe big thing about the wet season in the Top End is … drum roll please … all that water.

Rivers, creeks, and water holes are full. Millions of litres of water pours over waterfalls.

But it doesn’t rain all the time. The general pattern is clear mornings, with afternoon/evening rain. That’s not guaranteed of course, sometimes it does rain in the morning, sometimes you get showers throughout the day. And sometimes you get amazing thunderstorms.

But even when you get showers throughout the day they don’t last long. And it’s warm, so you don’t mind getting wet. Locals don’t even bother getting out of the rain. It won’t last long, and you dry quickly. The water also cools things down so is quite welcome.

And it means that some of the best things to see are only there in the wet. All of these things are a day trip from Darwin




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Top 8 things to do in Darwin in the wet season

Darwin waterfrontMy month long sojourn in Darwin is coming to an end – unless somebody wants to employ me that is! Anybody? I’m open to offers.

While there are some places you can’t go (flooded roads/creeks, closed 4WD tracks), and some attractions with shorter opening hours, I still found many things to do in Darwin





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Water, water everywhere – wet season in Darwin

Storm coming Knuckey LagoonWater, water everywhere.

When it rains in Darwin in the wet season, it really rains. It buckets down. Within a few minutes the ground can be flooded. Water runs through the drains, creeks come up very quickly.

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The real Waltzing Matilda

Combo WaterholdUpdate:

My apologies, it seems I had the wrong information. Christina McPherson wasn’t Banjo Patterson’s fiance.

The story is much more interesting than that.

Christina’s friend, Sarah Riley, was engaged to Banjo Patterson, and had been for eight years. Right up until he met Christina and collaborated with her on Waltzing Matilda. The engagement was broken off soon after.

You can read more about Christina McPherson and her contribution to Waltzing Matilda here. The rest of the story stands.

For a place that’s seared into the Australian psyche, Combo Waterhole is very little known – and very badly signposted.

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