Jan 19 2016

Tips for lone women travellers

Boy-running-sunset-DarwinI’m a loner (and no, that’s not a typo).

Whether it’s because I’m selfish, anti-social or what, I enjoy doing things on my own. And this includes travel.

When I was in my early 20s I went backpacking around south-east Asia by myself. Being female, young and blonde, of course I got lots of advice:

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Jan 12 2016

Photos – our trip along the Murray River

Our dinner table set up by the Murray River with the sunsetting in the backgroundWe saw and experienced so much travelling along the Murray River that it’s impossible to write about it all.

So here are the photos.


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Jan 12 2016

Murray River memories

A quiet place on the Murray River, a small island viewed under the frame of an arching gum treeThere were a few things about the Murray River that I wasn’t expecting. And some that I should have.

And some that were everything I could have wanted.







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Jan 08 2016

All the Rivers Run – our trip up the Murray River

On board the Swan Reach ferry looking at the cliffsFor anybody who’s read All the Rivers Run, or seen the mini-series, a trip along the Murray is a must.

Having decided that’s how we were travelling back from Adelaide to Sydney, we set off to start the trip at Swan Reach in South Australia, and drive up river until we turned off, up along the Great Dividing Range to the farm.

We spent the morning in Gawler buying last minute supplies, then had lunch with my parents before we set off. We drove for a little over two hours (counting the time we spent looking at rusty old cars), and decided that was far enough on the first day. The sight of the river, with soaring cliffs on one side was enough to make me go “wow”. So we decided to set up camp there.

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Jan 07 2016

Grey Fergies to the rescue at the Murray-Darling junction

Grey FergieDid you know the Grey Fergie saved Wentworth?

No. Neither did I.

I’m not sure if that’s bad marketing by the town of Wentworth, or if it’s something wrong with me. But Doc knew. Or perhaps that’s just him – after all, we do have a grey Fergie in our backyard!

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Jan 05 2016

A land of sweeping plains

Our swag at sunset beside the Murray RiverAfter spending a lovely week with my family over Christmas, it was time to move one.

We had to get back home, but via what route was the question. With just over a week to get home, we could take our time, and take in some of the countryside.

We had the swag, with its brand new 1,000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, so I was looking forward to camping under the stars.

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Jan 03 2016

The (muddy) road less travelled

The road less travelled  When Doc and I travel we like to steer clear of main highways as much as possible. Back roads are always prettier, less crowded, and you get to see much more of the country side.

If we get lost – well, it’s all an adventure isn’t it.

So on our journey along the Murray River, we decided we’d take the roads that run closest to the river, rather than take the highway between river towns.

It all worked out well until we were travelling from Renmark to Wentworth, and the junction of the Murray and the Darling Rivers.

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Dec 30 2015

A road trip at Christmas

view of the road in the side mirror of the vanWe’re having a different Christmas this year.

Christmas is a big deal for me. Every year on Christmas Eve we all get together – my kids, Doc’s kids, their partners, and our grandchild – for a big family dinner. My kids usually stay the night and we get up early (or at least I do) to open presents and have a special Christmas breakfast.

But this year Doc and I are going to Adelaide instead.

My parents live in Adelaide, as does my sister and her family. It’s been a long time since I spent Christmas with them all, and with my parents now in their 80s I figured now is the time to do it again.

So here we are, Doc and I off on another road trip. Of course, even at Christmas, or perhaps especially at Christmas, our road trips don’t always go according to plan.

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Dec 20 2015

How to make a real, traditional Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding has always been one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

Christmas puddingMy grandmother used to make Christmas pudding and Christmas cake every year, and if I was lucky enough to be at her place when she made it I not only got to watch, but could help in the ritual. I can’t remember who she used to make puddings for, but it seemed like it was the whole street. She’d get out the big ceramic pot to mix it all up in. Once the mixture was done, she’d prepare the pudding cloths – big square pieces of calico that would get dipped in hot water, then rubbed with flour. Pudding mix would go into the middle and sixpences and threepences would be hidden inside. Then she’d pull the corners of the cloths up around the mixture and Pop would come in to help her tie the string tightly around the top, to make sure no water would get into the mixture and spoil it.

Once that was all done, the cloth presents would go into the boiling copper and cook for hours.

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Oct 21 2015

Introducing my new Suzuki Vitara 4×4

My new Suzuki Vitara 4x4

I said I was going to do it, and now I have.

Here it is – my new (second hand) Suzuki Vitara 4×4.

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