Old Telegraph Track – Day Four

Did I say short trip to the Jardine?

I was right – it’s short in distance, but when you get bogged in the soft sand it makes it a long time.

Stuck on the way to Jardine River

Who was it that said don’t get arrogant about times when travelling off road????

But we made it up there, finally, and all the way to the old crossing. Or we think it was the old crossing.

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Old Telegraph Track – Day Three

On the road early(ish). Trying to take Scottie’s advice we were all packed up and out by 8.45.

We’d been told it was a 2 hour drive to Nolan’s Crossing (the last one on the Old Tele Track), so we were prepared.

A couple of creek crossings and we’d be there. Well, five creeks and 3 fords to be exact. But who’s counting?

So off we go, bright and early. We’d taken Scotties advice and got ready nice and early – 8.45am. Vey early for us, but some – including a family with four kids – were out before us.

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Old Telegraph Track – Day Two

An easy day today. Just a short drive to Fruit Bat Falls for a pleasant swim and maybe a spot of lunch, then on to Twin Falls to set up camp.

And a stunning start to it too. Coffee in bed, looking out over our ‘verandah’ watching the sun come up through the gum trees.

Gunshot camp sunrise from the balcony

Gunshot camp sunrise from the balcony

Just as well we were so relaxed, because Cockatoo Creek was just up the road – with its crocodile warning and the need to walk the creek to ascertain its depth and hazards.

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Old Telegraph Track – Day 1

Well, here we are. The big adventure bit of the trip to Cape York.

Driving up the Old Telegraph Track.

Old Telegraph Track the beginning

Old Telegraph Track the beginning

This is what Doc has been looking forward to. He’s in his element with this type of adventuring. Rough roads, creek crossings, sand. You name it, it’s up here somewhere. And it has a reputation.

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Early morning Chilli Beach

There’s something special about early mornings.

Sunrise Chilli Beach

Sunrise Chilli Beach

I’ve already been for a walk along the beach and watched the sunrise. Magical.

Despite this being a very popular tourist and camp site there were only a couple of other people on the beach. I guess for most people holidays include sleeping in.

It was very peaceful. Sun coming up over the ocean, water gently lapping at the soft, white sand, rainforest on the other side.

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(No title)

We’ve made it as far as Chilli Beach, our second detour off the highway.

And a very welcome stop it is too.

We had a late start from Coen after a big night at the Exchange Hotel. They advertise themselves (on their coldie holders at least) as “great beer, great food, great pub”, and they’re not wrong. The young chef (and unfortunately I didn’t get his name) gave us his home made banana cake with caramel sauce and ice cream for dessert. It was superb!

Not only that, but we were very pleasantly surprised with a good Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

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