Early morning Chilli Beach

There’s something special about early mornings.

Sunrise Chilli Beach

Sunrise Chilli Beach

I’ve already been for a walk along the beach and watched the sunrise. Magical.

Despite this being a very popular tourist and camp site there were only a couple of other people on the beach. I guess for most people holidays include sleeping in.

It was very peaceful. Sun coming up over the ocean, water gently lapping at the soft, white sand, rainforest on the other side.

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We’ve made it as far as Chilli Beach, our second detour off the highway.

And a very welcome stop it is too.

We had a late start from Coen after a big night at the Exchange Hotel. They advertise themselves (on their coldie holders at least) as “great beer, great food, great pub”, and they’re not wrong. The young chef (and unfortunately I didn’t get his name) gave us his home made banana cake with caramel sauce and ice cream for dessert. It was superb!

Not only that, but we were very pleasantly surprised with a good Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

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Who you meet on the road less travelled

Travelling off the beaten track there are a few different types of people you meet. All equally as interesting.

First there’s those I expected to meet. The “bushies”.

Like the couple we met the other night and shared their campfire. They travel a lot and have done so for years.

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This could be heaven or this could be hell …

There’s something about being on an isolated tropical beach that brings out the philosopher in me. With nothing to measure time but the sun, the moon and the tides there’s plenty of time to ponder the big questions in life.

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Ocean kayaking – a true show of love

If you want a true test of a relationship, try ocean kayaking together. In a double kayak.

It sounded as if it would be a good idea. Kayaking around Cape Tribulation, getting a close view of the marine life.

I’ve been kayaking before. With my children along the Noosa River. It’s beautiful. You take your time, paddle in amongst the shallows of the mangroves, look through the still waters at all the fish, get up close and personal with flocks of birds. My son and I used to get up early some days and go for a paddle on the still river for an hour or two before everybody else got up.

So kayaking around Cape Tribulation should be a breeze.

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Cape Tribulation – almost onto the dirt

We’re at Cape Tribulation. A day later than planned, but the delay was worth it.

We did 1500k Gympie to Cairns in 2 days, then another day for the 100ks Cairns to Mossman. I guess it was an ambitious schedule to try to fit Daintree sightseeing into one day!

If I start describing scenery I’ll write a Thomas Hardy novel, so I won’t even start. If you’re interested, there are many, many travelogues extolling the beauty of the area. None of them are exaggerating.

Except for the ones on Port Douglas.

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