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Aug 23 2015

I’m thinking of buying a small 4WD

My-car-featured-imageI’m buying a new car (well, a new second hand one).

After 5 years with my beloved Saab convertible I think it’s time for a change. I think. I really do love that car!

But it’s not very practical when I have a lot of gear to cart around, and when I’m driving through fields and along dirt roads. It’s even less practical when I can’t drive through a field so have to park the car and carry all the gear across!

So I’m looking at a 4WD.

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Jul 19 2015

How to burn a stump from the inside

Burning logApril 2015 (2)On our last visit to the farm Doc decided to try out a trick he heard about burning a log from the inside.

If there’s one thing we’re not short of on the farm, it’s old logs. So we got one that we had lying around for the campfire, stood it upright, cut grooves into it long-ways from the top, and lit a fire on the top.

Doc said he’d heard that this is a good way to have a campfire when you don’t have much wood, and it gives you something solid to stand pans on to cook over the fire.

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Jul 09 2015

Just your average Sunday afternoon out in Australia – with death adders

YalwalJuly 2015 (8)After far too many weeks of working too many hours (with time out for my daughter’s engagement party), I finally had a weekend off and Doc and I made the most of it.

Yes, we went on an adventure.

Are all snakes in Australia deadly?

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Apr 06 2015

Sunset, full moon and a big campfire

Crimson rosellaThis is my favourite part of the day.

I’m the only one up and it’s very peaceful. I’ve thrown a few twigs onto the remains of last night’s fire and brought that back to life. The coffee pot is sitting on the coals, there are crimson rosellas in the tree watching me, and a swallow is hopping around nearby showing off its tail in what I presume is a mating ritual.

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Apr 01 2015

Kakadu dreaming

Kakadu - water lilies, birds and waterThere are a few places on this earth that just hearing the name conjures up magic. Kakadu is one of those places.

It’s also the place where I’ve had one of the scariest experiences of my travels with Doc, as well as one of the most romantic.

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Mar 23 2015

What’s the scariest thing about travel in Australia? Sharks? Crocodiles? Spiders? Not what you think

CrocodileYou might think the scariest thing about travel in Australia is the killer wildlife, and you’re right.

Great white sharks, huge crocodiles in all the waterways, the world’s deadliest snakes, big spiders, blue ringed octopus at the most famous (and popular) beaches, irikandji – the list goes on.

But they’re not the scariest.

The scariest thing about travelling in Australia is mosquitoes.

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Mar 15 2015

Explore the elements – earth, air, fire, water

FireIs there a better place than Australia to explore the elements?

The extremes in Australia are celebrated in poetry and song, and have been embedded in our psyche for thousands of years. The elements here – earth, air, fire, water – are the basis of life and culture.

Aboriginal society knew the importance of the elements and of looking after the earth. Secret and sacred waterholes were looked after carefully and celebrated for their life giving qualities, fire was an important part of managing the land and its resources, and the air and skies above were a source of stories as well as a guide to the seasons and songlines.

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Mar 12 2015

Canoeing on the Bellinger River. Amid killer cows.

20150308_120547[1]Have you ever seen 5 ‘women of a certain age’ canoeing? Two of them in a double canoe?

It looks pretty much as you’re imagining it does.

After 3 days spent hanging around in Sawtell, dividing our time between the beach and home, with perhaps a walk or some fishing in between, we decided we all wanted to do something a bit more active. The golf that three of our members played doesn’t count as active.

So in between glasses of wine and hands of 500, we poured over the guidebooks and came up with … drum roll please …. hiring canoes on the Bellinger River.

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Mar 10 2015

Cuckoo, cuckoo. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Eurasian-Cuckoo-Mital-Patel-525x700Have you ever met a cuckoo?

Cuckoos are brood parasites. They lay their eggs in other birds’ nests, and when the young hatch they get rid of the other babies. Sometimes they’ll kick the other eggs out before they have time to hatch, other times they’ll worm their way in, taking food from the other chicks and/or pushing them out of the nest.

Some people behave just like baby cuckoos.

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Mar 08 2015

Beaches, hibiscus and fish & chips

The beachWe came for three days, and five days later we’re still here.

Wouldn’t you if you could?

Five days of perfect weather in a beach side location. Who wouldn’t extend their holiday.

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