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With a population of just over 5,000 people Cobar is in central western NSW. Its spot at the intersection of the Kidman Way and Barrier Highway means that all roads really do lead to Cobar – or so it seems when you’re travelling around. On our last trip it seemed that every intersection or corner we came to had a sign pointing to Cobar.

Have a look at the photos and see if you think it’s as pretty as I do.


[img src=]Arrival by train
Arrival by train
[img src=]Arrivals - in the dust
[img src=]Catholic church
[img src=]Cobar sign from the side
[img src=]Cobar sign - square
[img src=]Cobar sign
[img src=]Cobar station
[img src=]Station building
[img src=]Station verandah
[img src=]The railway station
[img src=]CWA building
[img src=]Gallons
[img src=]Great Western Hotel
[img src=]Lace balconies
[img src=]Cobar main street
[img src=]No 1 header
[img src=]Petrol pump Wright Heatons building
[img src=]Post & rail fence
[img src=]Stamper
[img src=]Stamper(2)
[img src=]The edge of town - and beginning of the outback
[img src=]Wide streets
[img src=]Wright Heatons building

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