Raindrops on roses, and fuschias and frangipani

After the rains (5)Contrary to forecasts the rain has stopped. The sun is shining and the garden is awash.

There’s only one thing to do – get out the micro lens.

Stupidly, even though I was taking photos in my own garden – or perhaps because I was taking photos in my own garden – I didn’t cover my legs to stop insect bites.

Last time I went out taking close up photos of raindrops I ended up with hives all over my legs from some sort of grass mite. The itch was unbearable, and I spent a week living on anti-histamines, including 3 days on phenergan. For some unknown reason I don’t have a high tolerance to drugs (except alcohol, fortunately), so phenergan knocks me out and I sleep for somewhere between 12-18 hours. Doc keeps trying to crush it up and put it into my meals!

This time I decided to lie flat out in my garden, wearing a sun dress. Not only did I get scratched by the bark lining the garden, but I had ants crawling all over me. I still lay there for 5 minutes until I realised the flowers weren’t going anywhere and the drops weren’t going to dry up in the one minute it would take me to walk through the front door and get a towel to lie on.

Not only was it more comfortable, but it made it much easier for me to stay still to focus on the drops of water. No mean feat when you’re trying to ignore the ants biting your legs. Why is it they all gravitate straight to the back of your knees???

So here are my latest raindrop photos taken in my garden. The fuschia in particular was just beautiful covered in drops. And the butterfly that landed on my wrist didn’t bite me.

After the rain


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