Stuck in Cobar without parts

Photo of the wide street and old buildings leading up to the heritage Cobar railway stationI’ve just discovered one of the drawbacks of living in a small country town.

While Doc was trying to fix a water leak in the car on Sunday morning, he broke something else. Of course, it’s a part that’s essential to the running of the car so we can’t go anywhere until we get a new one. Having broken it Easter Sunday morning (when we were leaving that afternoon), it was this morning (Tuesday) until we could check out the spare parts shop. Even though they don’t usually stock it, they did have some in – until about half an hour before we got there when somebody else got the last ones. So it needs to be ordered from Dubbo.  It’ll only take 1 day to get it here, but by the time it arrives, we pick it up and fix it in the car, it’ll be lunch time Wednesday until we leave. Three days later than planned.

We’re staying with family and usually do like an adventure anyway so that’s really not so bad in itself, but we do need to get home for a few reasons. Not least because we only bought enough clothes with us for a couple of days, and those clothes were picked for the weather we were having over Easter – summer.

And the weather has changed. It was 30 degrees when we arrived last week, with warm nights. It’s still sunny but the temperature has dropped by ten degrees. And that’s in the hottest part of the day, mornings and late afternoons are considerably colder, and during the night the temperature is getting down into single figures.

So this morning after the parts shop we went shopping for some uggies. And couldn’t get any! Two shoe shops, a men’s wear shop and a Billabong/Rip Curl shop later I was the proud new owner of a great pair of coloured gumboots, but no uggies.

So my feet are still cold.

In the meantime it’s still nice weather during the day to wander around, soak up the sights and take some photos.


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  1. I love the look of this town! The little gas station VERY cute.

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