Why are women treated so badly by mechanics?

I lost my radiator!

My car had been telling me on and off for a few weeks that I was low on coolant, so finally I thought I’d better check it out – as you do. I pulled into a service station, popped the bonnet and walked around to check the water level. And there was no radiator cap to be seen!

Now I’ve had a few cars in my lifetime, and while I might not be the most diligent person at maintaining them, I do know how to check the oil and water and fill my own tank with fuel. But ever since I’ve been with Doc he’s taken over all duties relating to cars – he is a mechanic after all. I don’t ask him to write strategies for me, so I don’t think I should impinge on his area of expertise.

But, as with tradies generally, jobs around home somehow seem to get put off and off. So the coolant in my car hadn’t been checked.

Finally, I gave up and decided to take matters into my own hands, and check my own car. Until I opened the bonnet and couldn’t find the radiator.

There is a hole right where the radiator cap should be, and a rubber ball thing (technical term – I listen to Doc when he talks with his mates) on a spring that blocks that hole when the bonnet is closed. “Well,” I thought, “that must be the radiator.”

I was about to get the water to pour into it when I thought I’d better check. There was a bloke with a truck filling up at the bowser next to me. Now truckies know a thing or two about cars so I thought I’d ask him.

“Excuse me” I said “Is this my radiator?”

He gave me one of those looks. You know, the ones reserved for women talking about cars. “Aah, no. That’s the bonnet lock.”

In my defence it took him a few minutes to find it as well. Not the radiator – the overflow tank, where, so he advised me, I needed to top up the water. But when he found it, it was full.

So either the car was lying to me, or the truckie didn’t know what he was talking about.

Not wanting to cause damage to my luxury Europen sports car I thought I’d better check with Doc when I got home.

“Is this my radiator” I asked him

He too gave me one of those looks, and, you guessed it “Aah no. That’s the bonnet lock.”

Why they put the bonnet lock on the radiator I don’t know.

So I made a vow. I told Doc the car was his responsibility. He agreed. To everything except putting petrol in it, it seems. I almost ran out of petrol on the way to work on Monday after Doc drove my car on Sunday. I guess there are some things women can do with cars!

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