From the hammock

Sitting in the-hammock

In case you’re wondering. Yes, that really is my hammock and that’s where it hangs.

This blog started as my way to keep in touch with family and friends when Doc and I travelled to Cape York back in 2011. I didn’t like the restrictions of standard ‘travel blogs’ so decided to make my own. It’s part diary and part travelogue.

Things have grown from there!

Now I spend as much time travelling as I do working – at least that’s what work colleagues tell me. If only somebody would pay me to travel I’d be happy.

If only I could get a job on one of those 4WD travel shows ….

My aim, as well as to have fun, is to encourage more women to get out there and travel. If you think it’s about time a mainstream 4WD show had a woman on board, let them know. And like and share my video on youtube.

Or if you have any ideas to help pay me pay my bills I’m taking offers. Realistic ones that is – if you want your product tested in real conditions, want interesting stories for your publication, or have any other suggestions contact me. But please don’t offer a token payment. I will ignore you.

I can take your photo for you.

For more videos about my life and travels see my youtube channel

I love my life and I really do feel like I have it all!

Office set up overlooking the Palmer River

My mobile office

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