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Birthplace of a nation

Travelling through the New England Tablelands we’re just that little bit too late for all the brilliant colours of autumn. Most trees have lost their leaves already, except for the magnificent maples that are still bright red through to golden yellow. While I’m not a cold weather person, I do love the colours of autumn, …

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Lovedale Long Lunch

“You can’t go in there – they’re the disabled toilets.” Apart from the poor grammar, there are lots of arguments about whether “disabled” toilets are for disabled people only, or whether they’re toilets that anybody – including those in a wheelchair – can access. But there was no discussion at the Lovedale Long Lunch, and …

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An outback travel story with a difference

Outback Australia travel stories are dominated by blokes in big 4WDs, yet many travellers these days are women. And they’re not all travelling quietly along beside their men, nor do they travel with men at all. A travel story with a difference, Two Sheilas in a Ute are two “women of a certain age” travelling …

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Only a couple of days to go …. so why am I crying?

I know it’s nearly time to leave because things are starting to go wrong. Perhaps it’s because Doc’s such a perfectionist, nothing can be left to chance. The more he does, the more he finds to do. He keeps asking me how I want to pack things into the car (how should I know, I …

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Using social media for travel information

I love social media. I particularly like twitter. The 140 characters you’re allowed in tweets might be restrictive sometimes, but generally you can get your point across. Particularly – and here’s the important point to all of you in the tourism industry – if I want to find out something about where I’m headed. On …

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How to eat well while you’re camping

I’m getting to the point in planning the trip where I’m starting to think about food. For those of you who missed it, last time we were at the farm I started practicing cooking with the camp oven. Shall we say, my first efforts wouldn’t get me on a reality television cooking show!

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