Degustation sightseeing – a small taste of many beautiful things
Degustation sightseeing – a small taste of many beautiful things

Degustation sightseeing – a small taste of many beautiful things

Right now, because we have a long way to cover in a fairly short time to get home, we’re doing a lot of travelling, 500km a day or more.

Places I’d really like to stay at for longer flash by. We’re moving into camp, pack up and drive, stop for lunch, drive, stop to camp, then start the process all over again, mode.

Even Doc, who loves his driving is getting tired of it at times – so much so that he let me drive his beloved 60 series so he could have a rest!

Of course, if we could get out of bed and on the road earlier, then we could cover even more ground, and probably stop and see a few more places.

But despite Scotty’s advice we still can’t seem to get moving early. And that’s fine with me.

Coffee on the balcony

I like our mornings. They’re one of the things that give camping so much of its romance.

If Doc is really tired and wants to sleep, then I get up early and either go for a walk or do some work.

If we’re both awake around the same time, then we’ll lie in bed and have some quiet time.  If we’ve camped somewhere particularly picturesque then we’ll have coffee in bed, looking out over the ‘balcony’ and enjoying the view.

But if it wasn’t for the constant distances, this is Doc’s preferred method of sightseeing. His motto is “if you can’t drive it’s not worth going.” He likes to be able to drive up to a place of interest, drive around it (or over it or through it) and drive off again.

You’ve heard of speed dating. Well Doc does speed-sightseeing. Or maybe that should be degustation sightseeing – a small taste of a lot of things.

Lunch Leichhardt Falls

The other day we stopped at Leichhardt Falls for a lunch break. We’d been driving a while and that looked like it might be a nice place to stop. When we pulled up, Doc parked the car in the shade of a tree, which was a good idea, but he’d parked it so that the awning we sit under was facing away from the falls

Leichhardt Falls swimming spot

“Ah,” I said “do you want to turn the car around the other way?”

“Why?” he replied “there’s shade there to sit in and the car’s parked on rock so we

won’t get bogged in the sand.”

That’s his priority, make sure the car’s ok. I finally convinced him to turn the car around so we could see the falls while we were having lunch. It was a great view, and after lunch we went for a walk and had a swim in the falls.

There was nobody else there, and the water was crystal clear and refreshingly cool in the heat of the day. What more could you want?