Early morning Chilli Beach
Early morning Chilli Beach

Early morning Chilli Beach

There’s something special about early mornings.

Sunrise Chilli Beach
Sunrise Chilli Beach

I’ve already been for a walk along the beach and watched the sunrise. Magical.

Despite this being a very popular tourist and camp site there were only a couple of other people on the beach. I guess for most people holidays include sleeping in.

It was very peaceful. Sun coming up over the ocean, water gently lapping at the soft, white sand, rainforest on the other side.

Only the thought of the 3 metre crocodile that lives in the creek could disturb me. But I’m getting used to that as well. There are crocs everywhere up here.

We saw a small one, about a metre, sitting on the edge of one of the creek crossings on the drive out. So close to the car we almost ran it over.

But now I’m sitting here in the quiet, still morning catching up on some work, cup of freshly brewed coffee and almost the only sounds those of the birds and the waves lapping the beach.

It’s such a beautiful part of the world. One of our travelling companions is English and is amazed that we don’t have to leave our own country to experience things like this. She wonders why more people don’t do it.

Well … apart from the fact that it is fairly remote and you need a 4WD to get here, and self contained camping equipment (including all your water) to stay,  that is.

I don’t always get up this early when we’re away, but this morning I wanted to see the sunrise.

Sunrise Chilli Beach through the palm trees
Sunrise Chilli Beach

And I find early mornings are a great time to think, and to catch up on things without being disturbed. Somehow there always seems to be something else to do during the day.

If I’m at home I can always find some housework that needs to be done, or some cooking.  Or sometimes I just want to get out into the sunshine rather than work.

And of course there’s always a ringing telephone to distract me.

But in the tranquillity of the morning, the words or phrases I’ve been searching for just pop into my head. I can finish a report for a client or write a 600 word blog in next to no time. It’s the most productive time of the day for me.

But sometimes there are other things I’d rather do than work.

Doc’s still asleep in the tent and I miss lying next to him. Mornings are a special time for us too. Usually he has to get up very early to go to work, much earlier than me so I’m often still asleep when he leaves. But when we’re on holidays we get to lie in and have time together.

And get your minds out of the gutter – although that’s good too.

I mean just have time together, alone, to talk, snuggle, or just be.  Cocooned in our own little world, without anybody else around, and before there are other demands on our time and attention.

It’s a great way to start the day.

Now I can hear sounds from other camps. Other people are getting ready to start their days. Some of them will be driving out of here today onto other places, others will chill here doing nothing much but relaxing and soaking up the ambience. Perhaps a spot of fishing.

Later on today more campers will arrive to fill up the vacated camping spots. And we’ll meet new people and hear other stories of their travels.

But now everybody else is stirring in our camp as well. I’d better go and start the rest of the day.