Five year olds – friend or harsh critic???
Five year olds – friend or harsh critic???

Five year olds – friend or harsh critic???

It’s school holidays in NSW, so once again I’m trying to work with a five year old hanging around.

He’s a lovely kid, but now that my own children have grown up I thought I’d get used to five year olds gradually – you know, by starting when they’re babies and waiting for five years until they get there.

But no, rather than having a grandchild, which is what I should be doing (come on you three, get a move on), I’ve been thrown into it suddenly because Doc has a five year old child.

I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks because he went to his Nan & Pop’s for the first week of the school holidays, so we’ve had a lot of catching up to do. So far this morning I’ve heard the story of the cranky rooster who pecked at Pop’s leg (and has since been eaten – as punishment apparently, they’re tough in the country), the baby kangaroo who peed on his friend’s hand, his fat cat who sits on top of the bunny’s cage, why Pop now has a bike with four wheels (because he’s too old to ride one with two wheels, though he probably doesn’t  want that getting around so keep it confidential), the chocolates with the sticky yellow stuff inside (you really don’t want to know what happens when you sit on them), and going to the club with his mum (she took him inside for lunch, she didn’t leave him in the car while she played the pokies).

And it’s only 10am!!

I’m trying to sort some photos for my blog, and for my own records. I also have many hours of video that I’m trying to edit. This is taking a lot longer than it should because I have to explain what every photo is and where it was taken.

Of course, then I start thinking about the trip it was taken on, what we did, and when I can go back. And that leads on to thinking about where to go next, and when.

I think I’ve found that five year old inside of me, at least the part that’s very easily distracted.

But then I get the critique of the photos themselves – that bit’s a bit blurry, why did you take it like that, why didn’t you …., you should have …. etc. Everybody’s a critic, but five year olds who haven’t yet learned the value of a white lie, or how to be tactful, can be very harsh. There’s no way I’ll ask him if my jeans make my arse look big!

So I guess I’ll give up trying to get too much done for the next couple of days, and enjoy some play time. It’s actually fun having a young child around – especially when you can give them back afterwards!