Old Telegraph Track – Day Four
Old Telegraph Track – Day Four

Old Telegraph Track – Day Four

Did I say short trip to the Jardine?

I was right – it’s short in distance, but when you get bogged in the soft sand it makes it a long time.

Stuck on the way to Jardine River

Who was it that said don’t get arrogant about times when travelling off road????

But we made it up there, finally, and all the way to the old crossing. Or we think it was the old crossing.

We stopped at three different places which we thought might be it, so I guess we’ve got all bases covered!

And now we’ve done it.

Jardine River - we made it!
Jardine River old vehicular crossing

Both sections of the Old Telegraph Track.











Northern section Old Tele Track - we made it!

Four days and some fabulous driving and camping spots. We’ve met some great people, and are still travelling with two of them.

As a matter of fact, we’re sitting with them now – on Loyalty Beach watching the sunset.

Tomorrow we’ll watch it from the Tip. The northern most part of the Australian mainland.