Old Telegraph Track – Day Two
Old Telegraph Track – Day Two

Old Telegraph Track – Day Two

An easy day today. Just a short drive to Fruit Bat Falls for a pleasant swim and maybe a spot of lunch, then on to Twin Falls to set up camp.

And a stunning start to it too. Coffee in bed, looking out over our ‘verandah’ watching the sun come up through the gum trees.

Gunshot camp sunrise from the balcony
Gunshot camp sunrise from the balcony

Just as well we were so relaxed, because Cockatoo Creek was just up the road – with its crocodile warning and the need to walk the creek to ascertain its depth and hazards.

Doc walking across the creek, checking which line to take, with a knife in his hand to fight off any crocodiles that might decide he would make a good meal was one of the highlights of the day.

And not just Doc, two others were there as well, one with a stick and one with his thongs, both prepared to battle a rogue croc! I think all the crocs were laughing too hard to attack.

Cockatoo Creek crossing

Just as we were preparing to cross and group of around a dozen young blokes arrived at the other side and walked down to check it out, so we had a welcoming party when we arrived at the other side.

When crossing creeks or fords it’s a good idea to wait for somebody else to arrive first, and once over you stop and wait fro the others to cross. That way there’s always somebody else around to help if you get in trouble.

So there we were on the other side of Cockatoo Creek on the Old Telegraph Track, a million miles from nowhere, waiting for the next one of our party to cross, when down came another hilux and bumped, bumped, bumped its way across without stopping.

“Wow.” We all thought (and some of us said but not quite that word) “They’re either locals who know what they’re doing, or they just don’t care.”

So we watched, and waited for them to fall into a hole.

But they didn’t. And as they pulled up on our side of the creek out popped a tiny, middle-aged woman. “Have you all done your census?” she asked.

Cockatoo Creek the census will catch up with you

The government will get  you everywhere!

Cockatoo Creek was beautiful, but not a place for a swim. We were all grateful to arrive at Fruit Bat Falls for a refreshing dip in the heat of the day.

But before we got there we arrived at the end of the Southern End of the Old Telegraph Track. The first part of the job done.

Fruit Bat Falls is right at the southern tip of the northern part of the road, and it’s beautiful. One of those places you see in postcards and tourist brochures. Amazingly for the high point of the tourist season, there was nobody else there. Completely unlike anything we’ve every experienced elsewhere.

Fruitbat Falls

Until we were leaving that is, and a tourist bus turned up. Perfect timing!

A short, easy drive later we arrived at Twin Falls and set up camp. Again, it was perfect timing. Five minutes after us a convoy of vehicles rolled in, all looking for a camping spot.

We were set up and watching them drive around and around, trying to find a spot that wasn’t right next to the toilet block. Believe me, you don’t want to camp next to bush toilets!