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It doesn’t take much to pack up a roof top tent

I’m sitting under the palm trees in the caravan park in Cairns, laptop plugged straight into the power outlet, catching up on some emails while I wait for everybody to pack up.

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The worst winter in Cairns for years … no jacket required

We’ve arrived in Cairns during the coldest winter they’ve had for years. So cold in fact that last night I nearly had to put a jacket on. I would have put one on except I was wearing a new top and had to show it off.  The back is a big embroidered butterfly with cut …

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It’s winter and I’m cold

I’m living with the heater nazi. Doc, as I’m my partner will henceforth be known in this blog, doesn’t feel the cold, so doesn’t think anybody else should either. Everytime I put the heater on he gives me “that” look. The one where he’s desperately trying not to roll his eyes. Though sometimes he can’t …

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The day of the (dead) triffids

It’s a boy thing, isn’t it? This playing with big machines. They’re out there now – my new partner and his 16 year old son. In the tractor and happy as pigs in shit.

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Travels in NSW

I’ve been outback NSW over the last week. Working of course, but managing to combine business with pleasure. While we were out that way I took the opportunity to go and visit some relatives, and over a couple of bottles of wine with dinner we started discussing the  family history. My grandmother was born in …

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Snatch straps and other things that aren’t as dirty as they sound

We’re preparing for our next big trip away. So today we’ve been out shopping – browsing 4WD and camping shops. And e-bay of course. Now, I’m a novice when it comes to 4WDing and camping. My type of shopping is usually very different. Last week my sister was in town, so we went for a …

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