Snatch straps and other things that aren’t as dirty as they sound
Snatch straps and other things that aren’t as dirty as they sound

Snatch straps and other things that aren’t as dirty as they sound

We’re preparing for our next big trip away. So today we’ve been out shopping – browsing 4WD and camping shops. And e-bay of course.

Now, I’m a novice when it comes to 4WDing and camping.

My type of shopping is usually very different. Last week my sister was in town, so we went for a trip to the markets – shopping and lunch. What more could a girl want? I bought a necklace. I won’t tell you how much I spent, other than to say that apparently it would have got us a few tanks of diesel while we’re away.

But that gives you some idea of where I’m coming from.

Over the last few months I have learnt a few things.

I’ve learned to cook on a propane stove on the tailgate of a Cruiser. I’ve learned to shoot and know the difference between a .22, a .222 and a .308. I’ve learned that I don’t like using a shot gun.

And I’ve learned that a snatch strap isn’t nearly as exciting as it sounds. But bonking bars are!

In turn, I’ve taught my partner a few things. Chiefly that roughing it doesn’t mean drinking bad (instant) coffee or cheap wine. Or drinking out of plastic.

We’ve done a few trips in NSW where we’ve slept in a swag looking at a million stars. We’ve bathed in the crystal clear water of running streams. We were in the Pilliga last spring, when the bush was carpeted with wild flowers.

It is every bit as romantic as it sounds.

And now we’re planning a trip to the Cape.

He’s in the shed now, working on the Cruiser. And his shed is every blokes wet dream, so he might never come out! Or at least not until he’s hungry which should be any time soon.

And I’m getting excited. It’s finally happening. We’ve been talking about it for a couple of years, but something has always got in the way.

He’s done a lot of travelling and camping across Australia, but this will be his first time on the Cape. Something new for both of us.

I’ll keep you posted on developments!

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