Back to the Cape

Doc and I are planning another trip to Cape York next year. I’m trying to get him to extend it to 6 months travelling across the top of Australia – through Central Queensland, the Gulf Country, the red Centre, Kimberley, down the Canning, and back via Lake Eyre. Can we do all that in 6 months????

Even if we don’t get the entire trip, I’m pushing for a Morning Glory in Karumba on the gulf.

As a reminder, here’s a video taken during our last trip. This was taken on the way to Cape Melville before we got to the Cape proper. And in case you’re wondering – yes, it was worth all the hassle. Cape Melville is one of those almost perfect places. If it didn’t have crocs, it would be perfect.

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  1. great to see another Cape trip planned. Of course you can fit that all into 6 mths! What an amazing loop trip! We look forward to your stories.
    Shaun and Sarah

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