Camping is the most romantic way to go on holidays
Camping is the most romantic way to go on holidays

Camping is the most romantic way to go on holidays

Starry starry skyIt’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and what better way to celebrate than camping.

Have a candlelit dinner, snuggle up by the fire, and look at a million stars above you. What could be better?

Seriously. Camping is both romantic and sexy.

People have always described adventure and the great outdoors as romantic. And when you see it on a movie screen it looks that way – especially if somebody like Harrison Ford is playing the hero. But it’s more than being in the great outdoors. Camping, and what you can do while camping, is romantic.

Just imagine – you pull up at a bush camping site, set up your camp (even the most elaborate don’t take that long), sit with a glass of wine and watch the sunset, eat dinner by candlelight, then sit around an open fire looking for shooting stars amongst the millions in the sky before retiring to a comfortable bed. Who wouldn’t feel romantic?

So I’ve put together a list of the top ten romantic things we’ve done while camping. Some of these you can do without camping, but you often have to pay a premium. It’s hard to top the experience of doing them on a budget, and all on the one trip. And often with nobody else around.

The view from the balcony – morning coffee Gunshot Creek, Old Telegraph Track

Top ten romantic things we’ve done while camping :-

  • Laid in bed with our morning coffee, and watched the sunrise through the gum trees off our ‘balcony’





  • Champagne and sunset at The Tip

    Drunk champagne on the northern most tip of Australia while watching the sunset over the ocean



Stretched out in the mud bath


  • Massaged each other’s feet while sharing a mud bath at Eulo


Dinner by candlight and an open campfire under the stars


Snuggled by an open fire and watched for shooting stars

  • Made love and slept under the stars


  • Canoeing Boodjamulla gorge


  • Canoed through the serene beauty of a gorge that’s millions of years old
Deserted tropical beach. Very few have ever set foot on it



Walked hand in hand along a deserted tropical beach





  • Sat quietly by a lagoon watching the birds and animals come to feed, drink and play

    Birds and roos – early morning Karumba



  • Indarri Falls swimming spot


  • Swum naked in the crystal clear waters of a waterfall
  • Bathed in freshly caught rainwater on a deserted beach




This post was originally published on 4 September 2011 while we were on our trip to Cape York. I haven’t changed my mind and have had many more romantic camping trips and experiences since. It only gets better!


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