Cape Tribulation – almost onto the dirt
Cape Tribulation – almost onto the dirt

Cape Tribulation – almost onto the dirt

We’re at Cape Tribulation. A day later than planned, but the delay was worth it.

We did 1500k Gympie to Cairns in 2 days, then another day for the 100ks Cairns to Mossman. I guess it was an ambitious schedule to try to fit Daintree sightseeing into one day!

If I start describing scenery I’ll write a Thomas Hardy novel, so I won’t even start. If you’re interested, there are many, many travelogues extolling the beauty of the area. None of them are exaggerating.

Except for the ones on Port Douglas.

A girlfriend has been trying to talk me into a girlies weekend in Port Douglas for a while. We usually go to Noosa (easy proximity to Sydney) in April and September (Jazz Festival) every year.  Gets us out of a Sydney winter and away from the kids for a few days. She’s been trying to move this to Port Douglas – “It’s like Noosa only warmer”.


Maybe it’s a personal prejudice, but I’m sure there were still blokes there wearing white shoes.

From Port Douglas, w went to Mossman to the Bait & Tackle shop. Driving up and down the main street after the iPhone4 GPS failed to give us exact directions we heard a droll, disembodied voice over the UHF “It’s behind Raintrees servo”.

A big thanks to whoever was listening in. We found it and geared up. Nine lures, line, sinkers and a tackle box later, Doc is sure he looks like a professional fisherman. I think it would help if he took the price tag off the box, but what do I know, I don’t go fishing.

Biggest surprise of all – Doc agreed to walk around Mossman Gorge. He’s usually not much of walker.  His motto is “if you can’t go in a car, it’s not worth going”.  But this time, just for me, he agreed to walk.

And it may be the last time.

We now talk about NPWS kilometres. He is certain the National Parks & Wildlife Service use a different measuring system than everybody else – dog kilometres. One of theirs is worth 7 of everybody else’s. He says the 2km circuit track was at least 14km.

Woke up this morning at Wonga Beach, stepped out of the tent and was greeted with the site of peacocks and peahens right next to us. Magic!

Daintree river cruise, coffee on the verandah, and buying handmade jewelry at Daintree Village, then on to the Daintree Discovery Centre for the aerial walk and a 23 metre climb up the tower to perch in among the canopy of the tallest trees.

It was just so perfect I kept expecting Disney animals to jump out from behind the trees.

And now we’re at Cape Tribulation.

A tip if you’re camping at Cape Trib – stay away from PK’s jungle village. It feels like higher density than Hong Kong. Tiny camping spots you can’t fit both your tent/caravan and car in, very close to each other. As a consequence there was a traffic jam as people tried to reverse vans into camping spots, and cars parked all over the place.

Lots of trees and a nice tropical feel, but spoiled by the initial experience. We’re here for 2 nights, so after relaxing with a glass of wine or two, a decent meal and a good night’s sleep it might all look better. We’re near the beach and can hear the waves, so the signs are good.

I’ll let you know tomorrow.