It doesn’t take much to pack up a roof top tent

I’m sitting under the palm trees in the caravan park in Cairns, laptop plugged straight into the power outlet, catching up on some emails while I wait for everybody to pack up.

Our work is done – it doesn’t take much to pack up a roof top tent. We spent a bit of time rearranging things in the back of the car, making it work better for us. You learn these things as you go along – what works and what doesn’t. The first lesson learnt was don’t squash the wine glasses in, regardless of how well you cushion them. First casualty was a broken stem. Lucky I bought two glasses with me! I don’t do plastic.

This morning we got up, had a shower, made a fresh pot of coffee and sat down to drink it while watching our fellow travellers sweeping, pulling down, folding, packing, sweeping some more. It seemed like a lot of hard work to me.

After the coffee I washed up and repacked the drawers. Everything fitted perfectly, including the half dozen (well, only 4 now) bottles of nice wine we bought. I was so proud of myself – until I realised the coffee pot was still sitting on the grass. Oh well, that’s now just stuck in the back of the car under the pillows until I finish another bottle of wine and can fit it in properly.

It looks like the others are just about ready, so I’d better sign off.

Off to Port Douglas, Mossman Gorge, Daintree and then to Cape Tribulation for the night. We’ll see how far we get.

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