Stop and enjoy the daisies
Stop and enjoy the daisies

Stop and enjoy the daisies

DSC_0044The ‘busyness’ of life sometimes just takes over, and the importance of just relaxing can get lost.

I’ve just realised that it’s been over a month since I wrote anything on this blog, because I’ve just been ‘too busy’.

It’s not that I haven’t been travelling, but my travel has been up and back between Sydney and Wollongong to work. I haven’t even taken any photos just for pleasure!

So the other day, on one of my rare days just to kick back and do nothing, I was sitting on my front veranda, in the warm afternoon sun of winter, just relaxing and enjoying looking at my garden. The sun was setting over the escarpment in the distance casting a golden glow over everything and my African daisy was closing up for the night. Like a toddler, it appeared to be fighting that moment when it would be fully asleep, staying open just enough to get the late afternoon rays.

And it wasn’t just the daisies. The proteas were fully open and the light was turning them golden.

It was all beautiful, so of course, I had to get out my camera.

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