The great Cape York adventure is coming to a close
The great Cape York adventure is coming to a close

The great Cape York adventure is coming to a close

We’re on our way south again.

We’ve crossed the Jardine, which for me signifies the end of our time on the Cape. I know we’re officially still here, but I know it’s coming to an end.

The time taken to go south is much less than to go north. What took us 3 ½ days along the Old Telegraph Track heading north, took 2 ½ hours on the bypass road heading south.

Bushcamping Gunshot Old Telegraph Track

This is not only because it’s a better road (apart from the corrugations), but also because the scenery, creeks, camping areas and camaraderie are on the Old Tele Track.

As is the way with telecommunications companies still, the … decided that the shortest distance between two points was a straight line. Never mind that that line went across creeks, over hills and through some of the most rugged country around, that’s the way they went.

Linesman's grave Old Telegraph Track

I can imagine how difficult it was for the linesman, whose job was to keep the line clear of vegetation.  One of them even died on the job, and is buried on the track. Now that’s dedication for you!

The by-pass roads, which most people take going south and many take both ways, are much less interesting. They’re a lot longer, having been designed to avoid crossing the many creeks on the Cape. And apart from the massive corrugations and intermittent dust holes, they’re much better roads.

All of which is my way of saying, we didn’t take many detours on the way south. Permission still hasn’t come through to visit Aurukun, so I guess that means, no.

Weipa sunset

We did call in to Weipa, which after the isolation on the Cape felt too busy and crowded to me.  There are some interesting Indigenous sites to visit around Weipa, and Doc went fishing again – again unsuccessfully. But that was it.

So now the Great Cape York adventure is coming to a close.

But when one adventure ends another begins. Stayed turned for the Great Gulf Country adventure as we head across country to Karumba, Normanton and places nearby.