The worst winter in Cairns for years … no jacket required
The worst winter in Cairns for years … no jacket required

The worst winter in Cairns for years … no jacket required

We’ve arrived in Cairns during the coldest winter they’ve had for years. So cold in fact that last night I nearly had to put a jacket on. I would have put one on except I was wearing a new top and had to show it off.  The back is a big embroidered butterfly with cut outs, so of course nothing was going over that on its first night out! Using the shoe philosophy (when you find one that fits buy it in every colour) I bought 3 tops and a dress.  All in different colours with different detail on the back.

Trip up here from Sydney was quite rushed, stopping off on the way for meetings for work. I had my last work-related meeting yesterday, so now we’re officially on holidays!

We’ve spent a couple of days in Cairns just to relax, and check that everything is OK with the car and everything else. First camping site was Mackay, and haven’t cooked anything apart from coffee yet so haven’t had much opportunity to make sure everything works.  Dinner tonight will be the big test.

I’m just about to head off to Rusty’s Market – a Cairns institution. I can smell the tropical fruit now!

…. Back from Rusty’s. I can see why it’s a Cairns institution. The smell of all the tropical fruit and herbs is unbelievable! Naturally I bought more than we really need or can fit into the fridge, so I’m sitting here now drinking wine and eating watermelon and wearing the new dress I bought. What more could anybody want!

As I type everybody else is bustling about packing and repacking because we’re heading off tomorrow morning. Doc’s still working on the car. Unless I get him away from Bunnings, Repco or CheapAuto he will keep finding something else to do. I guess Cooktown is probably going to be it – no more shops after that so we’ll just have to live with whatever we have.

We’ve had 3 nights in the rooftop tent now and it’s very comfortable, and very roomy. About the size of a king size bed with a bit more at the bottom. Plenty of space to sit or kneel up straight without bumping your head.  Nobody has yet suggested that crocs have learned how to climb ladders so we should be safe!

Every time we go away friends keep telling me it will be a test of our relationship, and every trip we’ve come through with flying colours. But I think this will be the big one. This time we are in our own car and are travelling with other people.

Doc considers all possibilities and makes allowances for them. Including the one that I’m completely hopeless!  “I’ve moved the clothes line from where you put it because there are green ants in the area and you don’t really want them on your towel.”  “Be careful how much you plug into the inverter when the engine is off because you might flatten the battery.” “I think I’ll put in a couple more tie down points so I can strap the bags down. We don’t want any flying missiles if things go arse up.”

What would I do without him? Probably a lot more driving. He has driven all the way from Sydney, including the seemingly never ending bits from Gympie to Mackay then Mackay to Cairns. I keep telling him its because he doesn’t want me to show him up. He says it’s because when I worked with him and had a company car I was his best customer in the workshop!

He may have a point.

As soon as he’s finished doing whatever he’s doing to the car I’ll go and finish repacking our gear.

In the meantime … the wine is calling me and I’m going to cook dinner.

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