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Oct 10 2013

How to eat a mango and other tropical fruit stories

passionfruitI’ve just had my first mango of the season. Summer is here!!!

I love the summer, apart from the weather the fruit is one of the things I love the most. Especially the tropical fruit. Mangoes, mangosteen, papaya, durian, rambutan. Even the names are exotic and exciting. Surely it’s only in the tropics that somebody would think to call a fruit “passion”.

Possibly after the way eating it in the tropics makes you feel.

Imagine sitting on the veranda overlooking the Coral Sea (yet another evocative name) in lush tropical heat with fans whirring languidly overhead, and cutting into a dark purple ball to release the tangy odour and suck out the bright yellow flesh and dark seeds of a passionfruit. Or eating a mango with the thick, luscious nectar dripping down your fingers, waiting to be licked off.

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Oct 07 2013

The romance of camping – yes, really

Coffee on the balconyDo you get that reaction from people when you say you’re going camping? You know the one – their nose turns up, the corners of their mouth turn down and they get a slight shiver all over their bodies – as if something particularly bad smelling has just wafted past them.

Or is that just my friends and family?

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Oct 06 2013

The colours of Australia

Colours of Australia

Colours of Australia

Australia is a country that gets under your skin.

The red dirt of the outback is justifiably famous. The red centre contains some of the most instantly recognisable and visited icons in Australia – Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Watarrka. Three places rich in the dreaming that is at the heart of the oldest culture on earth, and all three stained with the rich red of the desert sands. Add in the blue sky and the amazing wildflowers and birds you have the colours of Australia.

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Sep 26 2013

Top things to do in Sydney

The view from the bridge to Bare IslandOK, you’ve done the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, what else is there to see in Sydney. For my money, while Sydney is very beautiful, its scenery is just the backdrop to life in the city – a lifestyle that’s the envy of the world.

I know “best of” lists are always contentious, but here are my top things to do in Sydney that don’t involve the Harbour Bridge or Opera House:

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Sep 25 2013

Spring fountains

It’s definitely getting closer to summer, and you know what that means – finding water. It’s not always necessary to go for a swim, just the sight and sound of water has a cooling and calming effect. So here are some water features in Sydney city that help give it that ‘coolness’ factor.

Botanic Gardens fountains & water

[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-1.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-10.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-11.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-12.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-13.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-14.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-15.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-16.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-17.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-18.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-19.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-2.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-3.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-4.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-5.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-6.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-7.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-8.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water-9.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-fountains-water/thumbs/thumbs_botanic-gardens-fountains-water.jpg]

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Sep 20 2013

Gardens in Spring

Spring has definitely arrived and it’s time to get outdoors. What better place than the Botanic Gardens, right on beautiful Sydney Harbour.

Here are some of the spring blooms you’ll see, but you’d better be quick before they fade.

Botanic Gardens Spring Garden

[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-1.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-10.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-11.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-12.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-13.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-14.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-15.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-16.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-2.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-3.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-4.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-5.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-6.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-7.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-8.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden-9.jpg]
[img src=http://kathswinbourne.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/botanic-gardens-spring-garden/thumbs/thumbs_spring-garden.jpg]

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Sep 18 2013

Easy camp cooking

Camp cookingI’ve always said “if you can cook it at home you can cook it camping”. That’s true, but the question is “would you?”

Camping is supposed to fun and relaxing, so you don’t want to spend all your time slaving over a hot fire. If it needs three different saucepans and an hour of preparation time, it’s probably not worth it.

Keep it simple is the key to a happy camping experience – especially when it comes to camp cooking.

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Sep 18 2013

The Botanic Gardens – an oasis in the heart of Sydney

Botanic Gardens CreekIs there a better place in spring than a garden? All the better when it has a team of professional horticulturalists and gardeners to keep it looking beautiful.

And as an added bonus, during my walk around the Botanic Gardens in Sydney I came across the “Contact Garden”.

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Sep 17 2013

Sydney is a work in progress

Hoarding around Sydney Opera HouseSometimes I think Sydney is a work-in-progress. Everywhere I go there are construction sites with their cyclone fencing, shadecloth, hoarding, cranes, jackhammers, big trucks and men in hard hats and fluoro vests.

And what’s not under constructions seems to be closed off for the ‘elite’.

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Sep 16 2013

Aboriginal Tourism in Sydney

Sydney Harbour & The RocksThere were fewer visitors to Sydney in 2013 than there were in 2012, and far fewer than there were in 2001. And I think I’ve discovered one reason why.

It’s too hard to find out what to do – apart from see the Harbour Bridge & the Opera House that is.

On my latest foray into the sightseeing business in Sydney I woke up and it was not a very nice day – overcast, windy and cool. I had planned on getting the on-off bus around Sydney & Bondi, but the day just wasn’t good enough, so I decided to change plans.

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