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Top five places to (re)visit in Australia

One of the best things about going on holidays is thinking about where to go. And while doing that, looking back on where you have been. Should I go somewhere completely new? Or go back to somewhere I really enjoyed before? Parachilna or Woomera? Uluru via Oodnadatta, or the Simpson? Australia is such a vast …

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Women adventurers in the Australian outback

I’m going to go out on a limb here, commit sacrilege, and say I am sick of boys’ own adventure stories in the outback. As you do when you’re in Maree waiting to drive up the Birdsville Track, I began re-reading Tom Kruse’s story of forging the Birdsville Track for the mail run from Maree …

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Can you travel Australia without a 4WD?

I was driving down the motorway from Sydney to Wollongong the other day, playing tag with a Nissan Patrol. (that’s not it in the photo, that’s our Cruiser). Now that’s a fairly large 4WD vehicle, and it had all the travelling accoutrements. Camping gear on top, jerry cans for water/fuel, offroad tyres, etc. And it …

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The 60 series got bogged!

“60! 60!” If you watch our Old Tele Track video you’ll hear Doc say that in celebration a number of times. Along with “60 to the rescue.” He loves his 60 series, with good reason. It’s taken him across Australia, through the Simpson, along the Canning, up the Old Tele Track and to lots of …

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That crash you heard was the breaking of stereotypes in the outback

Stereotypes die hard. The CWA and scones; a tough, man’s world; Queensland, an hour (during daylight savings) and 20 years behind. I’m sure you’ve heard them all too. But the reality is very different, at least at a rodeo. Just because you need a road train to transport yourselves and your horses to a rodeo …

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You don’t need to be a 4WD expert to enjoy a good travel experience.

Doc and I are planning our next trip away. Now when I say “planning”, I mean we’re at the stage of deciding where we want to go. The only thing we know for sure is that it will be a 4WD trip somewhere in Australia. I’m happy to go anywhere. But before we become grey …

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